‘Ransom’ Season 3 Cast Spoilers

Getty Luke Roberts of Ransom

Ransom is back for its third season on CBS. The crime suspense drama follows hostage negotiator Eric Beaumont and his elite Crisis Resolution team who work to balance the demands of their personal lives with their careers as negotiators and the high-profile kidnappings and hostage situations they have to diffuse.

To learn more about the cast and spoilers for the upcoming season, read on below.

Luke Roberts as Eric Beaumont

Eric Beaumont is an experienced crisis and hostage negotiator. He grew up in Chicago with his mother, who is a surgeon, and has a gift for manipulation that puts him at the top of his profession. Despite, Beaumont’s propensity for bending the truth often lands him in hot water with his friends and family.

Nazneen Contractor as Zara Hallam

Zara Hallam is the team’s lead investigator. She is a former New York Police Officer and her connections with the NYPD allow her to coordinate with authorities on some cases when it benefits both parties. Blue Light Productions describes her character as “loyal, protective, and tough” as well as “suspicious of most things.”

Brandon Jay McLaren as Oliver Yates

Oliver Yates is a psychological profiler. He and Beaumont have known each other since the beginning of the former’s career at Crisis Resolution. They share a mutual trust and respect of one another, though initially Yates did not get along with Maxine Carlson.

Sarah Greene as Maxine Carlson

Maxine Carlson is a crisis and hostage negotiator who acts as Beaumont’s second-in-command. She is highly skilled at what she does, though her actions and the lengths she goes to keep her personal life a secret has led to her feeling ostracized from the rest of the Ransom team. Carlson even took a leave of absence from the team during the second season when she got too close to a particular case.


The synopsis for season 3 episode 1, titled “Justice”, reads: “Eric and the Crisis Resolution team are brought in to negotiate a blood money payoff when a man is murdered and his wife is threatened to be next on the third season premiere.” The season 3 premiere will also feature guest appearances from Laurent Combalbert and Marwan Mery, two professional negotiators who were the original inspiration for the series.

Combalbert and Mery will be playing themselves in the episode, which, as Carter Matt noted, is a good opportunity to pay tribute to the real life heroes behind the series and to give the main characters some competition in the form of equally capable negotiators.

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