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The Masked Singer airs again tonight, as judges Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong continue trying to guess the identities of the masked singers. We have already learned that Margaret Cho was Poodle, Terry Bradshaw was Deer, Tommy Chong was Pineapple, Antonio Brown was Hippo, Tori was the Unicorn, and Ricki Lake was Raven. So which costumed characters are left?

The final six contestants will all perform Wednesday night, including the Rabbit, Monster, Lion, Peacock, Alien, and Bee. The Bee and the Peacock are big fan favorites, with the Lion trailing closely behind.

So who will be eliminated tonight? Considering the Bee, Peacock and Lion are all huge hits with fans and viewers, it is unlikely to be either of those three. So let’s take a look at the remaining three contestants:

The Monster

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Whether he takes on Lenny Kravitz or Gavin DeGraw, the Monster is always a hit with viewers, fans and judges alike. The Monster has soulful, strong, R&B vocals, and recently revealed that he used to be at the top of his game, but that “the world labeled him a monster,” so he took a break from the public eye for a bit to “rewrite his mixtape.” His vocals, combined with the various clues left for viewers throughout the season, have many fans have been guessing the masked singer to be rapper T-Pain.

The Alien

The Alien has blown fans away with her renditions of “Feel It Still,” “Happy” and “Love Fool” and has continued to captivate the audience since the beginning. The masked performer has had fans guessing her identity since the show began, with nobody on Twitter able to agree on who she is based on what’s been revealed so far. However, we know that she comes from a famous family, used to be “defined by others,” and is about 5’5, so fans have been guessing that La Toya Jackson is under the costume.

The Rabbit

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The Rabbit has also been giving fans a run for their money on guessing who is beneath the mask. Clues on his identity include spending “most of his life on stage, but never alone” and the fact that he “pops up here and there,” has fans guessing that the singer may be NYSNC member J.C. Chasez, or possibly another popular young man from the 90’s – Nick Carter. However, when he declared “the last man standing, it’s gonna be me,” NYSNC fans around the world went wild, believing it was a nod toward the hugely popular “It’s Gonna Be Me” single from the early 2000’s.

Based on responses to The Masked Singer’s question of who is going home tonight on Twitter, the majority of fans believe that the Alien will be the one sent packing. Who do you think will be eliminated tonight? Which celebrities do you think are under the costumes? Let us know in the comments below, and tune in to The Masked Singer on Fox, Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

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