‘The Masked Singer’ Episode 7 Spoilers: Singers Revealed in Live Recap

The Masked Singer Spoilers


Tonight, six remaining celebrities compete on The Masked Singer, which has taken the country by storm. Read on below as we continue to update you with the clues about each performer and a live recap on who gets unmasked tonight.

After a short introduction of the judges and the competitors, first up was the Monster. And, tonight, the judges were joined by celebrity guest JB Smoove. In his clues, the Monster said he’s discovered a vulnerable side to himself and that he grew up in the south. He said he soon ended up winning awards but, out of nowhere, people started bringing him down. He said that he’s decided to step back into the ring and he’s coming out swinging.

For his performance, he sang “I Love Rock and Roll.” The judges gushed over the performance and called the Monster a favorite. Judge Robin Thicke said that he thinks the Monster is a professional singer. Nicole Scherzinger said that maybe the Monster could be a rapper. For the Monster’s physical clue tonight, he stated that his shoe is a size 12.

Next was the Lion and her clues talked about Chicago. She said that people still can’t “say me name”. She also said something about “sisters” and “blue grass”, as well as coming from a famous family. For her performance tonight, the Lion performed “Diamond Heart” by Lady Gaga.

As the judges struggled to guess the Lion’s identity, she revealed that she has a subscription to a monthly murder mystery game.

And, the Alien was next. She said that not winning now would be criminal and she knows a lot about the law. The Alien then started talking about Moulin Rouge, as well as fashion. “Ex’s and Oh’s” by Elle King was her song of choice for tonight’s perforymances and our top guess is still that she is LaToya Jackson.

For an additional clue tonight, the Alien said she’s been on the New York’s best-sellers list twice.

The judges started talking about a snake coming through in the clues and Nicole Scherzinger said that LaToya Jackson had a pet snake that she loved very much, so it could be her … and we agree.

The Bee was the next performer and for her clues, she said that she said she’s going back to what she knows best when it comes to her performances. The Bee started naming songs by different, older artists like Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle. Tonight she decided to sing a Tina Turner classic, “What’s Love Got to Do With It.”

Some of the guesses from the judges were Patti LaBelle and Anita Baker.

After some guesses, the Bee said that she has won 10 Grammy Awards.

The Rabbit was up next and talked about being the puppet master. He said that he’s been preparing for this since he was “Hangin’ Tough”. His clues still lead us to think he’s a boy bander. For tonight’s big performance, he took on a circus theme and sang Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely”.

We’re still leaning towards someone from N’SYNC, but you never know … Nicole Scherzinger guessed JC Chasez from N’SYNC, so we may be on the right track. Several of the judges have been guessing Joey Fatone, who has denied his involvement in the show to the media. For his extra clue tonight, the Rabbit revealed that he has 17 tattoos.

And, the final performer tonight was … the Peacock. He’s a true showman and he said he’s been getting fan mail since he was a young performing prodigy. He said that he’s hosted shows before and that he is determined to outshine the other singers. He also mentioned magic again. Our guess is that the Peacock is Donny Osmond.

For his performance tonight, the Peacock sang “I Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd. Judge Jenny McCarthy said the Peacock was born to be an entertainer and Robin Thicke said he always puts on a great performance. The judges also noticed a rainbow flag in the clues, which made them think of Neil Patrick Harris, but McCarthy then guessed Donny Osmond.

When it came to another clue tonight, the Peacock said that his face has been tattooed on a person’s body. But, that was pretty vague.

So, which of the contestants would be headed home? And, LaToya Jackson was unmasked tonight as the Alien. Who else guessed that one?