Did Rosita Die on ‘The Walking Dead’ Tonight? [Season 9 Episode 15]


Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead might be the closest we’ll get to a “Red Wedding” type of episode. And it was heartbreaking. The episode diverged some from the comics, presenting some deaths that we did not expect. But Rosita one of them? This post will, of course, have spoilers for tonight, Season 9 Episode 15. 

No, Rosita DID NOT die tonight on the show. It looked like she did because there was a clip of Gabriel asking Eugene at the fair to “tell him if he saw her” right before they showed a head on a pike. But it was not Rosita that they were talking about. During Siddiq’s speech, you could see Rosita in the crowd.

Instead, it was Tara who died. Gabriel was asking Eugene about Tara, and it was Tara’s head we saw on a pike right after the conversation.

Here’s a full list of the people who died tonight.

  • Two Hilltop members at the beginning of the episode
  • Henry on a pike
  • Enid on a pike
  • Tara on a pike
  • Three highway men on a pike
  • Nadia on a pike
  • The older woman who adopted the baby (on a pike)
  • Rodney on a pike
  • Frankie on a pike

The biggest shocking deaths were Henry, Enid, and Tara. Henry because poor Carol really didn’t need to lose yet another child. (And fans were expecting someone else’s head on that pike, not Henry’s.) Enid because she had a growing storyline and just seemed like she’d be sticking around for a while. And Tara because she had just replaced Jesus, who had replaced Maggie. Now who’s going to lead Hilltop?

The scene at the end of the episode was heartbreaking. Now Tara’s gone, but Rosita is going to be fine. Maybe she will name her baby after one of the people who died.

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