Did Tony Wonder Die on ‘Arrested Development’? [SPOILERS]


The second half of Arrested Development has finally been released on Netflix, and fans are wondering: Did Tony Wonder die? Well, it’s been a year since the first half of the season was released, so you may need a bit of a refresher about what happened. We’ll start out by telling you what happened in Season 5 Part 1. Then we’ll reveal some major spoilers for Part 2, but not without warning you so you can quit reading if you don’t want to know. 

When Season 5 Part 2 begins, we don’t know for certain that Tony Wonder died, but it certainly looks like he did.

In the final episode of Season 5 Part 1, Gob was doing a magic show with Tony Wonder when something crazy and unexpected happened. Tony was in a closet on stage when a crane positioned above the closet poured gallons of wet cement directly inside. Tony had said before this that there was no trap door.

For all intents and purposes, it looks like Tony Wonder is dead. It was a dark ending for the show.

Minor Spoilers for Season 5 Part 2

First, here are some minor spoilers from Season 5 Part 2. At one point, we learn that Gob thinks Tony Wonder might still be alive. It’s unclear why he thinks this, but it’s mentioned in passing that he thinks Tony Wonder might reappear at some point and he can “lure him” out of hiding. It might just be that Gob is holding onto hope against all odds, since he likes Tony Wonder so much.

Major Spoilers for Season 5 Episode 10

In Season 5 Episode 10, Gob is given an invitation to visit the Gay Mafia. We learn that the Gay Mafia is led by Lucille Austero’s brother, Argyle Austero. He tells Gob that they were the ones who poured the cement on Tony Wonder and arranged his death. In fact, he gives a cemented body to Gob to get rid of, telling him it’s Tony Wonder. We don’t know for certain if that’s the case.

Major  Spoilers for the Season 5 Part 2 Finale

Tony Wonder’s fate is revealed in the finale for Season 5. Only read on if you’re OK with major spoilers.

At the very end of Season 5 Part 2 finale, Tony Wonder appears. It’s almost anticlimactic in a way. Just where did he come from? Sally Sitwell knew the whole time that he was alive, and he’s with her. (Note: This article originally said “Holly” Sitwell as an auto-correct mistake. But it was Sally Sitwell in the scene.) He tells Gob that he switched out with a mannequin and it was a mannequin that was encased in cement. “Of course,” Gob agrees, saying he always knew that was the case. Tony Wonder was in hiding for awhile, but now he’s out in the open again.

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