Marriage Boot Camp: Are Jessica & Shawne Still Together?

Instagram Shawne Williams and Jessica Dime

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition returns tonight on WEtv. Among the different couples who are struggling to get through their personal issues are Jessica Dime and Shawne Williams. Find out whether the couple have split or whether they’re still together below.

According to Reality Tea, Jessica and Shawne are still together. That said, they are currently going through a rough patch in their relationship. On the latest episode of Marriage Boot Camp, Jessica asked Shawne whether or not they’d be married within a year. Shawne, meanwhile, wanted to know whether or not Jessica cheated on him during their time together. Ahead of the show’s January premiere, Jessica said that she was tired of waiting to get married, and criticized Shawne for dragging his feet.

Jessica & Shawne Are Still Together Despite Their Relationship Troubles

The teaser ends with Jessica warning Shawne to get his act together or “there is going to be trouble in paradise.” Shawne has voiced his uncertainty about marrying Jessica, especially given his concerns as to whether she’s cheated on him. Jessica and Shawne gave birth to a daughter named Blessing Briel in April 2018.

Jessica, a former stripper, has been open about her sex life with Shawne in front of the other cast members. “He’s attentive to me with sex. He always want to like… wait and make sure I’m satisfied first,” she said during a February episode. “He makes sure I’m satisfied and so I think that’s a good thing. That’s why I was so tired when we first got together.”

Jessica Has Given Shawne a One Year Ultimatum to Marry Her

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During the Marriage Boot Camp press conference, Jessica and Shawne were bombarded with questions about their relationship status. “Why is it taking so long to get this wedding set? Isn’t she wife material?” one interviewer asked. “Most definitely she’s wife material… I wouldn’t be here,” Shawne replied. Another question was directed at Jessica: “Jessica, back in August you tweeted, don’t be a long term girlfriend doing wifey duties — So what are you doing exactly?”

Jessica said that she’s not worried about her future. “I’m not worried, nervous or any of that,” she responded. “Actually, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve that I haven’t done yet for Shawne!” In the confessional after the press conference, Jessica voiced how pleased she was. “We handled the press conference very well,” she said. “They put several things up there for me because I have more dirt.”

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