‘The Voice’ 2019: When Do the Battle Rounds Start?

The Voice Comeback Stage 2019 Contestants

Photo by: NBC

NBC’s The Voice continues with blind auditions. The four coaches; Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, will vie to discover the next musical star, while contestants will come out in droves to prove their worth.

As the season progresses, however, we will get to the much-anticipated battle rounds. When does the battle rounds start? According to TV Guide, they start during episode 8, which airs on March 25. During the battle rounds, the coaches pit two members of their respective teams against each other. After they sing the same song together, the coaches choose which contestant will advance to the knockout round.

Battle Rounds for ‘The Voice’ Start on March 25, 2019

That said, Country Living states that the losing singer still has a chance to win the competition. Each coach gets two chances to “steal” a contestant who wasn’t chosen by their own coach. The battle rounds last four episodes, and will conclude during episode 11. Afterwards, the show moves on to the knockout rounds, where the remaining contestants get to choose their own songs and perform individually against each other. The knockout rounds last two weeks before transitioning to the playoffs.

Levine, Shelton, and Clarkson are returning coaches, but Legend is stepping into the role for the first time. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Levine spoke about Legend and what makes him such a good fit on The Voice. “John’s great. I’ve known John a long time and [his] mega talent [is] awesome,” Levine said. “[He’s the] easiest guy to get along with on the planet. Absolutely [the] greatest.”

Battle Rounds Last Four Weeks Before Moving On to the Knockout Rounds

“John is a much more extroverted person than people realize ’cause he’s so smooth and kind of mellow and serene in a lot of ways, but he went at it during the Blind Auditions,” added the Maroon 5 star. “He came out of his shell and he’s not that low-key, which I love… He’s hysterical and I got to sit next to him, which was great.”

“I was very happy when I heard he was gonna be joining,” he said. “I hope he wins… if it’s not me, I hope it’s John.” Levine also spoke about Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen. “I love Chrissy. Now, that is a woman that has a very big, extroverted personality and that’s kind of why you feel like John is mellower, like they kind of balance each other out, but no. John’s got fire. He’s got some Chrissy in him.”

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