‘American Idol’ 2019 Top 10 Winners Live Results

American Idol 2019 Top 10

ABC/Craig Sjodin

American Idol 2019 delivers its top 10 results tonight, from 8 – 10 p.m. ET live, on the ABC network. Last night, the top 14 contestants performed for America’s votes but only 10 of them move forward in the competition tonight. It was up to the voters to decide who made it through. But, the judges do have a say in the outcome. The top 7 contestants are announced tonight and the remaining artists will perform for the final 3 spots in the top 10. These spots will be decided by the judges.

The official ABC synopsis of what goes on for tonight’s show reads, “Following Sunday’s overnight vote, the seven contestants with the most votes by America will be revealed, securing their spot in the Top 10. Those that are safe will perform a victory song, and the seven remaining contestants will sing to impress the judges. The judges will then choose three contestants, pushing a total of 10 talented Idol hopefuls one step closer to stardom.”

Now let’s get into the live spoilers on the top 10 winners. Read on below for the live updates.

Before the contestants appeared on stage, host Ryan Seacrest introduced the judges, who each said that they are very invested in the performers and aren’t ready to let some of them go.

First up was Madison Vandenburg, finding out her results. And … she made it through, which made her the first contestant to get into the top 10 this season. Celebrating her spot in the top 10, host Ryan Seacrest asked her to sing, so she chose Lady Gaga’s “You and I”. Vandenburg delivered a great performance, which became emotional for her.

Evelyn Cormier was the next contestant to find out her fate so far and she did not make it through with America’s votes. So, she stepped up to the microphone to sing for the judges’ picks for the top 10, singing “Dust in the Wind”. Judge Lionel Richie said he loves her voice and said he’s a fan. Katy Perry called her a “super pro”.

The third performer to find out their results was Walker Burroughs and host Ryan Seacrest gave him the good news that he had made it into the top 10 winners. For his performance tonight, he played the guitar and sang the Jonas Brothers song “Lovebug”. Back home, Burroughs said that there has been an ice cream named after him. At the end of his performance, Seacrest brought out the ice cream, which was confiscated and dug into by the three judges.

Riley Thompson then found out that she was not automatically going into the top 10, so she had to sing for her life. She chose a song called “It Must Be Love.” Luke Bryan said that the bad results may have gotten to Thompson in her performance tonight.

Jeremiah Harmon then learned that he had made it into the top 10, so he took the opportunity to perform an original song called “Almost Heaven” as he played the piano. Host Ryan Seacrest also told him that Elton John applauded his performance from the night before. Harmon and his story has touched many, including the judges. After his performance, Harmon told the cameras that he is thrilled to make it so far on the show.

Alyssa Raghu was the next singer to learn her fate and she said she didn’t get much sleep last night. After the nationwide vote was tallied, Raghu was not granted a spot in the top 10, so she had to sing for a potential spot tonight and she chose a Katy Perry song. She did a beautiful job with the song, delivering a powerful performance. Following the performance, tears streamed down Raghu’s face and she talked about how this has been a dream for her. Kat Perry said that Raghu sang the song better than she even does, calling it beautiful.

Next up was Wade Cota and, before finding out the votes, he said he hoped America enjoyed his performance last night. And, they did. Cota was put through to the top 10 contestants. For his performance tonight, Cota chose to sing “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Dimitrius Graham was the next contestant brought out on stage and the viewers did not push him through with their votes. So, Graham took the stage to sing for the judges’ picks, performing the song “When The Party’s Over”. His performance was soulful and appeared to really touch the judges. Host Seacrest told Graham that it was a wonderful song choice and the judges agreed.

Laci Booth, who performed a Blink 182 song last night, then was told that she made it into the top 10 tonight. So, she took the stage to perform, once again. Tonight, Booth delivered a Fleetwood Mac song.

Next, Eddie Island was told that he did not make it into the top 10 and he chose a Kings of Leon song for tonight. Katy Perry was visibly upset that Eddie wasn’t voted through and said that he is the full package, though he may not be the best, vocally, in the competition. Luke Bryan said that Eddie’s song choices lately haven’t been the best for him. Perry agreed and said that last night may not have been his best performance, but she said she knows “the kind of artist he is”.

Ashley Hess also learned she was not in the top 10 and had to sing for a possible spot moving forward. She chose a Stevie Wonder hit for her performance tonight. Katy Perry gushed over the performance.

Laine Hardy was the next artist to find out his results, which were in his favor. Hardy made it into the top 10 and he celebrated with a performance of the song “Hurricane” by The Band of Heathens. Hardy has definitely been a fan-favorite this season. Judge Perry exclaimed that Hardy is “super hot” and she said he did such a great job. The judges couldn’t help but fawn over him.

Uche and Alejandro Aranda were the last two contestants to hear their results. Ryan Seacrest revealed that Aranda had made it through, while Uche would have to sing for a judges’ pick. And so, Aranda performed first, sitting at the piano, singing an original song of his, while Uche waited backstage. Aranda has been a fan-favorite this season, with his Idol audition video going viral.

When it was time for Uche to perform, he delivered a Rihanna song. And, after the performance, Uche became emotional. But the judges wouldn’t let him get down on himself. Lionel Richie even got out of his seat and walked up to give Uche a hug. Uche immediately started crying.

Richie told the audience, “We are not in the singing business. We are in the entertainment business.” And, with that, Richie chose to put Uche into the top 10.

And then it was time for the other two judges to choose the remaining two contestants in the top 10. Luke Bryan went with Dimitrius Graham.

It was then up to Katy Perry to pick the final singer in the top 10. Perry went with Alyssa Raghu.

This meant that the contestants eliminated tonight were Ashley Hess, Eddie Island, Riley Thompson, and Evelyn Cormier.

American Idol 2019 Top 14

ABC/Eric McCandless

On Sunday, April 21, 2019, the Easter episode’s theme will actually be Disney night. It will be held at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California and actress Rebel Wilson will be the celebrity mentor. In addition to performances from the contestants, judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie will also come together to deliver a song for viewers.

Additional appearances include Lea Michele performing The Little Mermaid song “Under the Sea” and Idol winner Maddie Poppe doing a duet with runner-up Caleb Lee Hutchinson.