‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 15 Spoilers: Meet the Captains

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Deadliest Catch returns tonight on the Discovery Channel. The reality series follows a group of different crews as they attempt to catch Alaskan king crabs. This season includes a brand new crew, the Dutch Harbor, as well as an assortment of different captains who are vying to outdo one another.

Captain Steve “Harley” Davidson is the latest addition to the series, as he will command his 148-foot-long ship known as the Southern Wind. Davidson claims to know the location of more than a quarter-billion dollars worth of king crabs, which has quickly made him the captain to beat entering the season. Captain Keith Colburn, whose ship, The Wizard, is the only vessel that’s larger than the Southern Wind, is particularly envious of Davidson’s claims and has made it clear that he plans to beat the newbie at his own game.

Captain Steve ‘Harley’ Davidson Is a Major Addition to the Cast

“This season, Harley was able to break out ahead of others to look for crab,” reads the official synopsis. “After scouring the grounds with over 1,200 pots, he believes that a quarter billion dollars-worth of crab are clustered in a single massive horde. If he’s right, every captain in the fleet will be on top of him, turning the high-stakes hunt for crab into a close-quarters battleground.”

Mandy Hansen is currently being prepped to take over as skipper of the Northwestern by her legendary father Sig. Mandy, 23, is a graduate of the Maritime Academy, but it remains to be seen whether she has what it takes to compete for a full season. Mandy recently opened up about losing her first child on Instagram. “Though I lost you my previous season onboard, I still think about you everyday,” she wrote. “Words cannot describe the hurt and the love I still feel for you. May we meet one day little one. Momma’s got you in her heart forever and ever.”

Mandy Hansen Will Attempt to Take the Reins from her Famous Father Sig

Captain Jake Anderson will have some dramas of his own to deal with this season, as he wants to provide a better life for his wife and kids. “After years of hard work, Jake Anderson has whipped the Saga into ship shape and hired a strong crew,” the synopsis reads. “Now, with a growing family, he wants to buy into the boat and become a partner, not just an employee. But in order to gain ownership and secure a stable future for his wife and family, Jake must fish fast enough to bring in a quarter million over expenses for the buy in.”

Captain Wild Bill has some challenges to overcome in the form of two untested assistants and boat payments that are beginning to stack up. The synopsis for the upcoming season also teases that one of Wild Bill’s assistants gets lost at sea, leading to some tense onscreen moments. Meanwhile, Captain Sean Dywer will attempt to convince his mom and his business partner that they need to buy a second boat to compete with the likes of Davidson and Colburn.

Rounding out the captains list is Josh Harris and Casey McManus. Their ship Cornelia Marie proved more than adept at getting the job done, but the verdict is still out on whether they can keep up the breakneck pace they established last season.