Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Custody Battle

Things are getting heated between Jenelle Evans and her ex Nathan Griffith. The latter accused Jenelle of not properly looking after their son Kaiser, and is now trying to gain full custody. Tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 will focus on said custody battle.

In June 2018, Nathan claimed that he found bruises on Kaiser, and believed they were from Jenelle’s current husband, David Eason. He then refused to turn Kaiser back over to their custody, and contacted CPS officers. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Nathan intends on getting full custody of his son. “I don’t want to take him away from Jenelle,” he said. “But she hasn’t been providing for my child… and it’s done!”

Nathan Is Trying to Get Full Custody of His Child With Jenelle

Jenelle went on to accuse Nathan of trying to sabotage her marriage to Eason. “Nathan is trying to do anything in his power to try to sabotage my husband,” she said during a January episode.  “Everyone wonders why my husband acts the way he does and freaks out the way he does. It just pisses me off the way everyone thinks about David because he doesn’t do anything wrong and he does everything in his power to make our family happy. to everyone out there who wants to hate on David, David is not a bad guy!”

During the teaser for tonight’s episode, Jenelle says that she’s tired of the custody drama and she wants it to end. Her mother Barbara tells her that she just wants everyone to get along. The description for tonight’s episode also hints at a surprise during Jenelle and Nathan’s court visit: “Kail gets a surprising call from Jo’s wife about their child support battle; Nathan and Jenelle go back to court, with a surprising turn; Chelsea throws Aubree a belated birthday celebration; Leah and the girls plan to move back.”

Jenelle Said That She Just Wants the Custody Battle ‘To End’

Producers interviewed Nathan for the Teen Mom 2 reunion special, and Pop Culture reports that they tried to keep Jenelle from bumping into him. “Reunion producers kept Jenelle away in another room until after Nathan and his girlfriend Ashley left,” claimed an inside source. “She filmed right after them.”

Nathan reportedly talked with Andrew Lewis backstage, who is the father of Jenelle’s daughter Jace. “They discussed Jace on the reunion show. Nathan confronted Andrew, accusing him of not being consistent in trying to see Jace,” the source added. “Nathan said there is no dollar amount or anyone who could keep him from Kaiser, the son he had with Jenelle. Andrew didn’t see Jace while he was there. Andrew was put on the defensive and he was so nervous.”