Sam, Jorah & Heartsbane: Here’s Why That Scene Is So Important on ‘Game of Thrones’


There’s a pretty major moment between Sam and Jorah on Season 8 Episode 2 of Game of Thrones. Sam gives Jorah his sword, Heartsbane. Here’s why it’s so meaningful.

Heartsbane is the Valyrian steel sword that belongs to House Tarly. It was owned by Lord Randyll Tarly until Sam stole it when he left with Gilly and her son. The Tarlys have had Heartsbane for more than 500 years, according to the Game of Thrones wikia.

Valerian steel is the only material that can kill White Walkers and wights. Dragonglass can also kill White Walkers. No one knows how to make Valyrian steel anymore, which is why owning a Valyrian steel sword is so very important in the coming battle.

Valyrian steel was possibly forged with dragons. It was created by the Valyrians, who are now gone, although their descendants live on in the Targaryens. Valyrian swords are lighter and faster and stronger than any other weapon. In Westeros, very few Valyrian swords are left and each one is treasured by the house that has it. The secret of making Valyrian steel was lost during the mysterious Doom of Valyria. And only a few blacksmiths can even reforge swords using their material.

Because Valyrian steel is so rare, Sam giving his 500-year-old family sword to Jorah was a momentous occasion. Jorah’s family sword, Longclaw, now belongs to Jon Snow. Jeor Mormont gave the family sword to Jon Snow, even though Jorah likely should have inherited it. Now he has a Valyrian sword again.

Sam’s giving up his sword is reminiscent of Bran giving up his Valyrian dagger. Both realized that they could not properly wield such precious weapons in battle, so they gave them to someone who could. Sam gave his to Jorah and Bran gave his dagger to Arya. This gesture shows just how generous, pragmatic, and kindhearted Sam still is.