‘The Orville’ Season 2 Episode 14 Finale Cast: List of Special Guests & Cameos

The Orville


Last week’s episode of The Orville is going to have a big impact on the finale, Season 2 Episode 14. The episode airs tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern. Here’s a look at who we’re expecting to see tonight during the big time-travel-changed-everything episode. We will update this story if any of these guests do not appear, or if new guests are revealed as the show airs. This post has spoilers for the finale. 

On Reddit, one viewer noted that the credits list for the finale on Fox’s website is pretty small, leaving off people like Isaac and John. Tom Constantino, AP/editor for The Orville, occasionally comments on Reddit about the show. He wrote that the cast list isn’t actually accurate and doesn’t list everyone. “Don’t believe what you read,” he said.

Michelle Boyd, who has guest starred on the show before, is returning as a member of The  Orville crew.

For Episode 4, she played the role of Lt. Dorsett. Her many previous credits include SWAT, The Last Tycoon, NCIS LA, Workaholics, Geek Cred (Callie), Team Unicorn, Solo (Rebecca), The Guild (Riley), and more.

Halston Sage is back as Lt. Alara Kitan. This is big one for fans, who have missed her on the show!

Penny Johnson Jerald, who plays Dr. Finn, will be live tweeting tonight.

Here are some of the IMDB listings for tonight. These are not always accurate, but we will update this story as we know more.

Randy Jay Burrell is listed as playing “rebel soldier” tonight. His other credits include Counterpart, Lucifer, Night Shift, War Dogs, The Coroner, 96 Souls, Expedition Unknown, Low Life (Tom), America: Facts vs. Fiction, Scandal, and more.

BJ Tanner is listed as returning as Marcus Finn, one of Dr. Finn’s sons. And Kai Wener is also returning as Ty Finn, Dr. Finn’s other son.

We will update this show as more is known about the cast tonight.

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