WATCH: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 4 Trailer & Promo

Game of Thrones

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Now that the most epic battle in TV history has concluded, fans are eager to find out what is next for the show. The Battle of Winterfell is over, with some heartbreaking results. Next week will bring more twists and turns, along with another episode that will run more than an hour long. So of course, you will want to analyze a trailer for Season 8 Episode 4 of Game of Thrones.

With so much hype, you don’t want to miss a second of the trailer. Here’s the preview that was released for next week’s episode.

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 4 | Preview (HBO)Now we will win the Last War. The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.2019-04-29T02:30:02.000Z

No doubt, the main characters on the show will need to do a lot of regrouping, planning, and consoling after such a major battle. Remember the Battle of the Bastards, when Jon Snow was saved at the last minute after Littlefinger’s army rode in? Now Littlefinger is gone, and the stakes are even higher.

There are still three episodes left in the series after tonight, and each episode promises to be an epic movie all on its own.

This is a developing story.

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