Where Is Kodak Black? Fans Speculate After Rapper Cancels Boston Show

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Where is Kodak Black? The rapper mysteriously cancelled his Boston show at the last minute on Wednesday night, without explanation. Since then, TMZ has reported that his team claims not to know where he is.

Of course, it’s fully possible his team knows exactly where he is and is just choosing not to disclose that information. But still, the lack of transparency has led fans to speculate about what might have caused Black’s mysterious disappearance.

There are a number of rumors circulating on Twitter regarding the apparent “reason” for why Black cancelled his show. One such reason is that he was arrested, a theory that has been amplified by internet personality Adam22.

Here’s what you need to know:

Black’s Last Performance Was on Saturday in Detroit

Prior to his cancelled show at the House of Blues in Boston, Black performed in Detroit on Saturday. Per TMZ, several members of Black’s team claim that they don’t know about Black’s location, or why the show was cancelled.

Black’s most recent Instagram post was published on Tuesday, April 16, a day before the cancelled show. You can see it above. The caption for the post read, “When They Feed You Shit You Make Fertilizer With It”

Black did have some Twitter activity on April 16 as well, retweeting a number of fan tweets, the last one reading, “I love Kodak Black”

Per TMZ, fans waited for several hours at the House of Blues on Wednesday before his team cancelled the performance, and enlisted the help of local police officers to force people to leave.

As of Wednesday, April 17, there was no official word on an apparent arrest for Black.

As you can see in the videos above and below, fans were less than happy about the last minute news that Black wouldn’t be performing.

One person tweeted at Black, “Nice job standing up your fans in Boston, resulting is violence and chaos. Real classy!”

What’s more, there were reports of widespread fighting and general chaos within the crowd, in the wake of the cancellation.

Was Black Arrested? Internet Personality Adam22 Suggests He Might Have Been

In response to the growing circulation of rumors about Black’s disappearance show cancellation, Adam22 issued a call to action to his followers: to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Some users did reply to Adam22 claiming to confirm that Black had been arrested, with one user writing, “apparently him and his entourage were stopped by police and were apprehended when police found guns and bud mad ops shut down house of blues…”

Multiple users told Adam22 Black was arrested at the New York border in Buffalo.

Blacks’ Apparent ‘Disappearance’ Comes Two Days After He Released a Nipsey Hussle ‘Diss’ Track

Kodak Black – Expeditiously (Official Audio)The official audio of Kodak Black's "Expeditiously". Subscribe for more official content from Kodak Black: Atlantic.lnk.to/KBsubscribe Follow Kodak Black twitter.com/KodakBlack1k facebook.com/TheRealKodakBlack instagram.com/kodakblack soundcloud.com/kodak-black open.spotify.com/artist/46SHBwWsqBkxI7EeeBEQG7 The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Kodak Black. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more. #Kodakblack #Expeditiously #Snipergang #OfficialAudio #AtlanticRecords #Atlantic2019-04-16T01:34:59.000Z

Since the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle, Black has repeatedly found himself in hot water with the Hussle clan and fans of the slain rapper. First, he talked on Instagram Live about his apparent plans to woo Lauren London, Hussle’s girlfriend and the mother of his child.

Kodak Black Makes Disrespectful Comments Toward Lauren London Days After The Death Of Nipsey HussleKodak Black is today's donkey of the day for the comments he made toward Lauren London. In the wake of Nipsey Hussle's death, the rapper made a disrespectful comment about Hussle's widow. Subscribe NOW to The Breakfast Club: ihe.art/xZ4vAcA Get MORE of The Breakfast Club: ► WATCH MORE: youtube.com/user/breakfastclubpowerfm ► LISTEN LIVE: TheBreakfastClub.iheart.com/ ► CATCH…2019-04-08T13:02:40.000Z

Following that, he faced significant backlash, and gave an apology on Instagram Live once more, saying,

“If I disrespected you Lauren London in any shape or form, I am sorry…Even though I didn’t. Rest in peace to dude, if I disrespected Lauren London in any way even though I know I didn’t, my bad. Suck a baby dick, all you old n—as reaching, fuck y’all.”

Then, late on Monday, April 15, Black released a track titled Expeditiously, which you can hear above. The track appears to attack T.I., Hussle, and London all at once, with the lyrics reading in part:

How you tell me what came out my mouth, you don’t even know Nipsey?/ Tiny, that bitch ugly as hell, I don’t even want Piggy/ I can’t beat you n—-s at talkin’, give me a long sentence/ Know I keep the pole and I ain’t no ho, I know some Rollin 60s

Black has received intense criticism from a number of his peers, including The Game, as you can see in the video below (be warned, the video contains explicit language):

VideoVideo related to where is kodak black? fans speculate after rapper cancels boston show2019-04-17T23:47:40-04:00

In response, some Twitter users have suggested Black’s apparent beef with the Hussle legacy might have to do with his disappearance.

One user wrote, “ talked shit to real gangstas and now he is missing. Hmm.”

Another wrote, “Man gonna f*ck around and come up missing!!!”

Still another person tweeted, “Does T.I have hostage or something?! Where tf was he at tonight , letting us Mass fans down  


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