Caroline Burke

Caroline Burke is a Heavy contributor. She also covers trending news for Bustle, and is currently an MFA candidate for a dual degree in Fiction and Non-Fiction at the Bennington Writing Seminars.
  • COVID-19 Stimulus Checks: Second Round Could Be ‘Larger’ Than the First, Trump Says

    A second round of COVID-19 stimulus checks might be larger than the first round, according to the president.

  • COVID-19 Stimulus Checks: Will Second Round Payments Happen This Month?

  • COVID-19 Stimulus Checks: Second Round Payment Amounts [UPDATED]

  • COVID-19 Stimulus Check: Second Round of ‘Dramatic’ Payments Is Definitely Coming, Trump Says

  • Jessi Smiles & Gabbie Hanna Twitter Feud: Timeline & Explanation

  • COVID-19 Stimulus Check: Second Round of Payments Could Be ‘Dramatic,’ Trump Says

    A second round of stimulus checks could be “dramatic,” President Donald Trump said to reporters. Here’s the latest update.

  • Lee Jeffers: Homeland Security Employee Harasses Teenagers in Florida Viral Video

  • WATCH: Police Shoot Man in Car Near Lowe’s in Prince George County, Virginia

  • Danny Masterson: ‘That ’70s Show’ Actor Charged With Raping 3 Women

  • COVID-19 Vacation Credit: How Much Money Would You Get From the Next Stimulus Payment?

  • Chris D’Elia Accused of ‘Grooming’ Underage Girls & Asking for Nude Photos

    Chris D’Elia has been accused of hitting on underage girls by dozens of women, many of whom say he asked for nude photos.

  • Akhenaton Jones: Suspect Named in Dominique Rem’mie Fells Murder Case

  • WATCH: White Megachurch Pastor Louie Giglio Calls Slavery a ‘White Blessing’

  • COVID-19 Stimulus Check & Riots: Are Protests Delaying a Second Round of Payments?

  • WATCH: Los Angeles ‘Karen’ Threatens Woman With Two Hammers & Black Neighbor Steps In

  • Rayshard Brooks Was a ‘Girl Dad,’ Niece Says, in Reference to Kobe Bryant

  • WATCH: Armed Men Protecting Philadelphia Columbus Statue Attack Reporter

  • Dominique Rem’mie Fells: Black Trans Woman’s Death Ruled a Homicide

  • Adam Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem’s Son, Accused of Stabbing Neighbor

  • Derek Chauvin’s $1 Million Pension: How Is the Minneapolis Officer Still Eligible?

    Derek Chauvin is the Minneapolis cop charged with second degree murder for the death of George Floyd. He is still eligible for a $1 million pension.

  • WATCH: White Woman Pours Beer on Black Pregnant Protester

  • Jarred Tipton: Officer Said ‘I Don’t Care’ to Black Man Who Said He Couldn’t Breathe

  • Ray Ciccarelli: NASCAR Driver Quits Over Confederate Flag Ban, Calls it ‘Political BS’

  • J.K. Rowling’s First Husband Jorge Arantes Today: Where Is He Now?

  • Travis Yates: Police Major Cites ‘Research’ Arguing Cops Should ‘Probably’ Shoot Black People More Often

    Travis Yates, a Tulsa police major, is under fire for comments he made suggesting that police officers should shoot black people “probably more often” than they are.

  • LAPD Lamborghini: Does the LAPD Really Have a Lamborghini Police Car?

  • New Video Footage in Erik Salgado Death Shows Moments of Police Encounter

  • Margo Borders & Emily Terry: Allegations Against Officer Brett Hankison Launch Investigation

  • Joe & Jim DeMarco: Trump Supporters Reenact George Floyd’s Death at a Protest

  • WATCH: Armed Black Business Owner Mistaken for Robber by White Alabama Cop

    A black business owner was mistaken for being a robber on March 15, as shown in a new viral video. Kevin Penn was punched in the face by a White Alabama cop, who thought he was the robber.