Who Gets Kicked Off Survivor Tonight? 4/24

Survivor 38 Kama Tribe

Photo By: Timothy Kuratek ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Kama Tribe: Julie Rosenberg, Gavin Whitson, Aurora McCreary, Ron Clark, Victoria Baamonde, Eric Hafemann, Aubry Bracco, Joe Anglim and Julia Carter.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction continues tonight on CBS. The reality series has a bevy of competitors, each of whom are pining for the top spot. Read on to find out which contestants are still on the series, and which are most likely to be eliminated in the coming weeks.

Dan “Wardog” DaSilva is someone to keep an eye on the season moves ahead. Not only did DaSilva help get Kelly Wentworth, one of his biggest allies, kicked off, but he’s kept the rest of the competitors on their toes with his actions. “I think this is the beginning of his big lie,” said host Jeff Probst about DaSilva. “He doesn’t want anybody to know he’s in law school. He wants people to judge his East Coast accent and his military tattoo and think he’s a military guy.”

Dan ‘WarDog’ DaSilva Is One of the Biggest Targets on the Series

DaSilva spoke to Entertainment Tonight about his nickname, and he explained where it all began. “The real me and the fake me is so inter-blended now over these last, like, 20 years, that I’ve taken on this ‘Wardog’ persona,” he noted. He then went on to reveal that he got the nickname when he was in military basic training in 1997. “Somewhere along the line — it was like, I think in my second deployment when I was in Afghanistan — it ended up becoming this defense mechanism and a way of life.”

Other contestants to watch include Julie Rosenberg and Aurora McCreary. The former may be a target due to the fact that she started strong, only to be overcome with emotion and slip in more recent episodes. McCreary hasn’t really done much on her own, so she may be an easy target for the contestants who are looking to whittle down the leftover threats.

All 4 of the Returning Contestants Have Been Eliminated

There were several contestants who competed in previous seasons of Survivor; including Kelley Wentworth, Joe Anglim, David Wright, and Aubry Bracco. They were the biggest targets for the other contestants, as Probst explained, “These four players illustrate how difficult it is to win this game,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “They are experts at different aspects of the game. Every one of them is a phenomenal player and yet none of them have won.” Anglim, Wright, Bracco, and finally, Wentworth, were eliminated, however.

Wentworth voiced her disappointment at being eliminated on Twitter. “Yep, sometimes you fail. It’s life. Just get the f*ck back up and keep going,” she wrote. “Y’all with those messages of support and love. Never forget how far we’ve come together. I heart you.” Wentworth and the others can attempt to win their way back by residing on Extinction Island and winning challenges, as we’ve already seen one contestant, Rick Devens, return.