Captain Jake Anderson on ‘Deadliest Catch’

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Jake Anderson is one of the biggest stars on Deadliest Catch. The fisherman, 35, is the focus of a new two-hour special, and has recently run into nasty standoffs with the show’s captains. Learn more about Jake, his current status, and his relationship with mentor Sig Hansen on Deadliest Catch below.

The teaser for tonight’s episode suggests that Jake will be fighting for space to fish, as the entire fleet of ships ascended on a single school of crab. “I play nice, but not for very long,” he tells a crew member. This is not the first time that Jake has run into difficulty on the high seas in recent weeks. Check out the full teaser below.

Jake & His Crew Will Be Fighting Over a School of Crab on Tonight’s Episode

On the last episode, Jake and the rest of the Saga crew fell victim to a “violent” mechanical failure. Jake noticed that the 2-ton forward crane on the ship had come loose, and was swinging 30 feet on either side as the wind picked up speed. Jake urged his crew to put on life jackets before they secure the crane. “I don’t even know if we should touch it now,” he told the cameras. “I mean, it’s violent.”

Jake talked to PopCulture about the difficulties he’s faced this season, and the fact that he bought a piece of a boat. “It’s a tough time to buy into the boat, especially because you’re not gonna make a ton of money if you don’t do it right,” he admitted. “We didn’t even know how much money was to be made … it was really high stakes.”

Jake Has Said That Fishing Is His ‘Passion’ & He Considers the Sea to Be His ‘Home’

In a 2014 interview with Yahoo, Jake talked about his passion for fishing, and how it has been the central focus of his life. “I don’t know why. I’m just very passionate about it and it’s all I know how to do now,” he said. “I mean, I could go and do things like skateboarding and possibly rep for a company. But there’s just something that keeps me coming back.”

“I just love it there, it’s my home, I can do whatever I want. I just show up because it’s like an extension of my house,” he continued. “I just come here and make sure that stuff gets done and it’s fun for me. Does that answer your question? Or was that too long?”

Jake has feuded with Sig Hansen since becoming the captain of the Saga in 2015, but the fisherman still have a mutual respect for one another. During interviews for the season premiere, Jake defended his former mentor, who many have criticized for being more timid. “It’s easy for someone to be an armchair captain and make the decision from their chair,” he he said. “But there’s a lot of circumstances that go into the choices the captains makes.”