Who Has a Girlfriend on ‘The Bachelorette’ Premiere 2019?

Hannah B’s season of The Bachelorette is off to a rocky start when she learns that one of the men is in a relationship.

Read on to learn about who has a girlfriend, but beware of spoilers!

Scott A., fans will soon learn, is the contestant who decides to come on The Bachelorette despite the fact that he already has a girlfriend. In a clip for tonight’s premiere, we watch Hannah tell Scott, “We need to talk,” before calling him out for having a girlfriend.
A frustrated Hannah then says, “I want somebody to fight for me. That’s what I deserve.” Well, it appears Scott A. will not be the one fighting for Hannah, as he’s got another girl back home.

What do we know about Scott, and how long does he stick around? The 28-year-old is a software sales executive who hails from Chicago, Illinois. In his Bachelorette bio, he says the fact that he has a real job is what sets him apart from other contestants. His bio also says that he is “very skilled at schmoozing waitresses into giving him free food and drinks.”

Interestingly enough, it seems fans of the show who aren’t aware of his girlfriend situation have taken a liking to him. On Scott’s Facebook photo, a number of fans have commented with things like, “Definitely the best looking in this group & I love his hair!” and “Nice smile and nice eyes”, but do they know he may be cheating?

As fans of the franchise know, this isn’t the first time a contestant has been caught with a significant other while trying to date the show’s lead. Who could forget when DeMario Jackson’s secret girlfriend made an appearance on the show, and Rachel Lindsay sent him packing? Or when Ali Fedotowsky lost it at Justin, who had been in a relationship for two years when he appeared on the show?

The real question is whether or not Scott makes it to the final four. (Don’t read on if you don’t want to know the final four!)

This Season on The Bachelorette – The BacheloretteA special look into this season of The Bachelorette. Hannah Brown's journey as The Bachelorette begins May 13 on ABC!2019-05-07T05:00:07.000Z

The final four on this season are Jed Wyatt, Luke Parker, Peter Weber, and Tyler Cameron. And for the first time ever, no one gets eliminated after Hannah meets their families, meaning all four men get an overnight date. Luke is the one who steals Hannah’s first impression rose, but who will get the first kiss? And who will be eliminated tonight?

Be sure to tune into The Bachelorette premiere tonight on ABC at 8pm ET/PT to find out.

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