David Toborowsky’s Kids & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Annie Suwan and David Toborowsky


David Toborowsky is a college professor and star of the reality series 90 Day Fiance. His romance with Annie Suwan has been one of the main topics, and the couple have recently opened up about the possibility of having kids together.

David already has kids from a previous relationship. His daughter Ashley has appeared on 90 Day Fiance and been openly critical of him, while son Jacob recently made headlines after he was accidentally shot in the face. Learn more about David and his family here:

1. His Daughter Ashley Has 3 Kids & Lives In Kentucky

ASHLEY, THE DAUGHTER OF DAVID ON 90 DAY FIANCE LIVE INTERVIEW WITH AUNTIE****PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE**** Ashley, the daughter of David on TLC's 90 Day Fiance Interviews with Auntie to discuss what it means to be the daughter of such a controversial cast member. David as we know, is dating (or married) Annie from Thailand. On the previous episodes, we have seen David penniless and living…2017-12-07T02:14:50.000Z

According to Reality Blurb, David’s daughter Ashley has a family of her own to look after. She has three children, who are ages 6, 9, and 11, respectively, and lives Louisville, Kentucky. She has also appeared on 90 Day Fiance alongside her dad, and has been critical of his choices on the show. She explained her perspective on the YouTube interview series Auntie’s Advice.

“I may come off as harsh on the show to my dad. Some people might see me as disrespectful and that’s okay,” she explained. “I’ve had a very crazy relationship with my dad. We were very close when I was younger. It was because he was always gone all the time and we missed him, and we wanted him. But as we got older, we saw what the reality was with him. He is very much about himself, and his travels, and his life, and Chris. Chris is his best friend. And that’s all we ever hear. Dad’s life is about him.”

Ashley, 28, also said that she is indifferent to David’s fiance Annie. “She’s nice. You know she doesn’t speak to us really,” she admitted. “She’s dad’s wife, girlfriend, fiance. Whatever you want to call her.”

2. His Son Jacob Was Shot In 2018 & Has Undergone Several Facial Surgeries

David’s teenage son Jacob was accidentally shot in the face by a friend in January 2018. David released a Facebook statement about the shooting and the circumstances that led up to it. “On behalf of my family we wanted to thank each and everyone of you for the thoughts and prayers that have been sent and said for Jacob Toborowsky,” he wrote.

“He was shot in the face by a so called friend in a senseless stupid act,” he added. “We will continue to monitor the situation on a legal front to ensure that justice prevails.” Jacob’s sister Ashley also released a statement that read, “I am shocked, I am sad and I am super angry. I’m super sad to see him with a bullet hole in his face, and he didn’t deserve that because somebody else wanted to hold a gun.”

Fortunately, Jacob did not suffer any life-threatening injuries from the incident, but he did have to undergo several surgeries to fully recover. According to WDRB, he still has trouble opening his mouth and some bullet fragments will have to remain in his face. Jacob is currently enrolled at the University of Louisville and his Facebook states that he’s in a relationship.

3. His Kids Have Criticized Him for Being an ‘Absentee Father’

David's Daughter Is Not Handling Her Dad's Engagement Well | 90 Day Fiancé#90DayFiance | Sundays at 9/8c David brings Annie home to Kentucky and sparks fly with his daughter Ashley. Full Episodes Streaming FREE: tlc.com/tv-shows/90-day-fiance-happily-ever-after/ Subscribe to TLC: bit.ly/SubscribeTLC Facebook: facebook.com/TLC Twitter: twitter.com/TLC2018-01-05T23:00:00.000Z

Both of David’s children have discussed his shortcomings as a parent, especially his daughter. During her YouTube interview, Ashley talked about what it was like growing up with him, and how their relationship was less parental and more like a sibling friendship. “He wasn’t like a dad growing up. He was more like a big brother… It’s sad cause he was literally in our home,” she said.

“He was with my mother for 21 years. Even though he lived in our home, it still created issues cause he really still wasn’t there,” Ashley continued. “He traveled the world, he hung out with friends. He did what he wanted to do. The Vegas trips. You know London and Italy and Hawaii with his friends. It was never let me take my children and let me be a father. But let me go hang out with friends.”

Ashley also talked about the way her father is portrayed on 90 Day Fiance, and whether or not it’s accurate to who he is. “An a**hole? Yeah. Authentically? Yeah,” she admitted. “He can’t fake that one. Everyone can see exactly what that is. That wasn’t scripted. That’s dad… One day in his life when he’s older, he’ll have many regrets.”

4. His Daughter Brittani Gave Birth to a Baby Boy In April 2018

David’s youngest daughter Brittani welcomed her first child on April 7, 2018. He broke the news on Facebook, with a pair of messages that read, “I am proud to announce that my Daughter Brittani had a healthy baby boy. May he bring much Health & Happiness to All,” and “Proud to introduce my grandson Emmett. 6 lbs 10 oz and 21 inches long. May God protect and guide him in his life.”

David has posted several photos of his grandson, including a special birthday message to him last month. “Happy 1st Bday to my grandson Emmett. We love you very much,” he wrote alongside a photo of Emmett and Annie.

5. He Said That He Would Need to Have a Surgical Procedure to Have Kids With Annie

During a recent interview, David said that he would like to have more children with Annie. He told Us Weekly that he and Annie have actually been trying for some time. “We practice … four or five times a week,” he revealed. “Well, there would have to be a surgical procedure for me to have before that’s possible. And we’ve looked at that, so we’ll see. Right now, we’re enjoying life.”

“We enjoy our life, so let’s see in the future, maybe,” Annie added. In the meantime, David said that they would like to have pets in the house. “We could always adopt a little buffalo,” he joked. “They’re easier to take care of.” A source close to the couple told Radar Online that David is still saving up money for the surgical procedure. “As soon as David can pay for the vasectomy reversal, he’s going to welcome a baby with Annie,” the source claimed. “The reversal is $6,800. They want to have two children.”

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