Kristen Doute & Brian Carter Break Up: Is She Single?

Kristen Doute’s relationship with Brian Carter has hit a snag during the last few seasons of Vanderpump Rules. Kristen has been forthcoming about the issues that her and Carter have been dealing with, and she previously stated that they plan to work through them. In a recent interview, however, Kristen revealed that she was newly single. Learn more about her love life and her current relationship with Carter below.

During the Vanderpump Rules season 7 reunion, host Andy Cohen asked Kristen about the current status of her relationship. “We will talk about this a little more later, but are you single right now?” he asked, to which she responded, “I am.” The reunion was taped on March 29, a month after she first hinted at her relationship issues.

Kristen Confirmed That She Was Single During the Vanderpump Rules Reunion Show

Kristen vented her frustrations during a February 18 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Cohen. “Honestly, I bleed out for the show,” she said. “Like, I show every single second of everything. And so for this, I’m just going have to say, like … we’re figuring it out. So we’ll let you all know when we get to that place.”

Following the show, Kristen took to Instagram to thank fans for their support and open up a little more about the state of her relationship with Carter. According to Bravo, she wrote, “Hey, babes. I just really wanted to say thank you guys for being so kind tonight. It was a really stressful Watch What Happens Live for me beforehand because it was a difficult episode. But you guys were really kind and sweet, so thank you for that. It’s a little bit of a difficult time, but you know what? Life is f**king good, and kindness matters, and you guys rule, and I just wanted to say thank you.”

Kristen Said She & Carter Are Still ‘Figuring Out What the Future Holds’

Since announcing her split from Carter, however, Kristen has hinted at the possibility of getting back together. On May 7, she released a statement to Page Six that explained her current relationship status. “Just like every normal couple, we are experiencing ups and downs with our relationship and are working through this together … when the cameras are not rolling,” she wrote. “As we are still figuring out what the future holds for both of us, we are considering ourselves single.”

The belief that Kristen and Carter are still together was compounded by Katie Maloney-Schwartz’s claims. According to Bustle, Katie said that Kristen are Carter are still living together and sleeping together. And while Kristen hasn’t posted any photos of Carter on her Instagram since January, Carter has posted about Kristen as recently as this month. He posted a blurred out photo of Kristen with the caption, “The many auras of a beautiful woman.” Check it out here.