Madison VanDenburg Age & Height: How Old & Tall Is She?

ABC/Disney Madison VanDenburg

Madison VanDenburg has been eliminated from the American Idol finale. She’s captivated audiences all season with his vocal range and her eclectic pick of covers. Despite her success, however, Madison is only 18 years old. According to Famous Birthdays, she was born on February 12, 2001.

Madison grew up in Cohoes, New York where she attended Boght Hills Elementary School. The Famous People reports that she expressed interest in music at a young age, and her parents nurtured this interest by enrolling her in music classes; where she learned to play piano and guitar.

Madison Is 18 & Developed an Interest In Music During Middle School

When she was in middle school, Madison performed at her father’s restaurant in New York. She landed her first official stage performance in the sixth grade, when she played a lead role in a production of Annie. The following year, she served as a flutist for a musical band in her school. In 2017, Madison won a singing competition called ‘CASA Proctors Talent Show,’ which she organized to raise money to help abused children.

She released her debut song, “Need a Little Heartbreak”, in 2018. She was 17. During a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Madison talked about her Idol experience and how it’s changed her life. “If I win the show, my life will completely change,” she admitted. “It would be such an amazing thing for me and my career. My life would change forever. I have been so grateful with all that has happened, so I don’t really know how I would even express my feelings if I did win. It would be amazing!”

Madison Made Her Stage Debut In a Middle School Production of ‘Annie’

Madison went on to admit that being so young, and being the only girl left, has given her some anxiety. “[Being the only girl left] is so scary to me,” she continued. “Right now, I’m really nervous that I’m the only girl out of the other two guys. But, honestly, I’m just really happy I made Top 3. No matter what happens at this point, I’m going to be happy with it. I feel like if I didn’t make i [here], I’d probably be even more disappointed in myself. But I got it! I’m really excited.””

She was the youngest of the final 3 contestants, as Laine Hardy is 18, but born in 2000, and Alejandro Aranda is 24. Madison was also the shortest of the finalists. According to CelebsLine, Madison is 5’2″.

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