Mariah Carey, Puff Daddy, Jay Z Share This According to Producer

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Mariah Carey, Jay-Z and Puff Daddy have accomplished a lot in their careers.

They have one thing in common: A solid producer in DJ Clue.

A native of Queens, New York, DJ Clue has his own program, every Monday to Friday 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm, on Power 105.1 in New York entitled “Desert Storm Radio.”

Prior to this, until 2006, he disc-jockeyed at Hot 97. DJ Clue founded Desert Storm Records, a record label, in 1998 with his childhood friends Skane Dolla and Duro.

In 1999 DJ Clue took part in the Hard Knock Life Tour, including a stop in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre.

According to DJ Clue, how well Mariah Carey, Jay-Z and Puff Daddy work is what makes them great.

“Mariah is a super perfectionist man,” DJ Clue told Scoop B Radio.

He would know, he produced Carey’s “Thank God I Found You Remix.”

Mariah Carey. Joe & Nas – thank god i found youCanal Som Nostalgia, Raridades a boa musica de volta para você2014-07-05T01:52:10.000Z

“She wants to make sure that when she does vocals that it are done right,” said DJ Clue.

“She definitely is that person that if she wants you to hear her music it has to be right. She isn’t playing around.”

Jay-Z doesn’t write his lyrics down.

“I think Jay started doing that because I think it helps him remember songs,” DJ Clue told Scoop B Radio.

JAY Z and Timbaland in the studio making "Dirt Off Your Shoulder"Dirt Off Your Shoulder is one of many amazing songs made by JAY Z and Timbaland. Leave a like & comment if you enjoyed. Subscribe for more content like this!2015-10-14T06:01:40.000Z

“There have been times when we have been on stage when he first started. He would be on stage and he would forget a line or two. He would tap me and be like: ‘Yo what’s the line?’ I think coming from that he would just sit and be like: ‘yo maybe if I just memorize it better if I just sit and say it to myself over and over again.. He used to get in the car and be like: ‘yo give me a day or two. He would ride around with his driver and make up his lines. He would call me up and be like: ‘Oooh I got a line.’ That is how it would be.”

He also says Puff Daddy has a pretty good routine while in studio:

“I think with Puff working with him; when I would go to Daddy’s House [his old recording studio] he would have Total in one room working, then you would have BIG working in another and then have Craig Mack working in another room. He would be bouncing from room to room working on songs; it was crazy! Je would say: ‘Ok I’m working with Total in one room and then be back in an hour, he was going for it. He had a movement, he would be there all times of the night, working on songs. Puff’s work ethic was serious!”

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