Morgan & Brett on Intervention Season 19 Episode 8


A&E Intervention Season 21 features the stories of addicts and their families suffering at the hands of the national opioid crisis.

Morgan and Brett are the subjects of tonight’s season 19 episode of A&E’s InterventionThe segment is titled “Young and Addicted,” and follows the two young adults as they struggle with heroin addiction. Will Brett and Morgan get the help they need to get clean and start over?

The official synopsis for tonight’s episode reads: “At the young age of 20, Morgan and Brett are both battling addiction. Brett was an only child when his alcoholic father abandoned him. Raised by his mother in her parents’ home, Brett was on his way to success despite their struggles. But when his mom moved them into a new home with her violent boyfriend, Brett’s addiction spiraled. Morgan is married, has a one-year-old daughter, and is addicted to the only drug she ever tried – heroin. Without an intervention, the once picture-perfect child may now be in danger of leaving her own child motherless.”

In the emotional promo above, Morgan’s family explains how she used to have dreams and goals before her addiction spiraled out of control. “Now she wakes up everyday to get high,” a woman who appears to be Morgan’s mother, tells the cameras tearfully.

The promo cuts to a scene with Brett holding a needle up to the light. “Addiction has total control over him,” a voiceover explains, as another shot of Brett shows him having what appears to be a drug-induced fit, followed by another chilling clip, which shows a needle being filled with a cloudy brown substance.

“We’re talking life and death,” interventionist Donna Chavous tells the group. “It is a dangerous prospect.” It looks as though Brett is attending the intervention, although he looks bored and tired (possibly high?) and gets up to walk away as Chavous is talking.

The scene then cuts to a violent clip of someone stomping out of a room and slamming a door, shouting “stay the f–k out,” while another intervention circle shows someone breaking down crying, sobbing that one of the two subjects of tonight’s episode is “bringing everybody down with you.”


A&EA needle filled with heroin.

Brett tells the cameras that his mom gets money by “selling her body,” hinting at an endless cycle of addiction and abuse in the family of addicts, while Morgan’s father says he just “wants his baby girl back.”

“My biggest fear is getting that phone call that you’re gone,” he cries to Morgan during the intervention.

According to the description for tonight’s episode, Morgan actually has a young daughter who could end up growing up without a mother if she doesn’t kick her habit for good, and soon. Brett’s claims his mother a prostitute, which can’t be helpful for his own addiction, and it appears his relationship with his family is quite rocky, judging by the promo.

Will Morgan risk her daughter growing up motherless just so she can keep getting high? Will Brett be able to overcome his demons and remove himself from his toxic environment? Tune in tonight at 8/7c on A&E to find out.

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