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NCIS: The Cases They Can’t Forget season 3 returns tonight for a special two-hour premiere at 9/8c on CBS. NCIS star Rocky Carroll will feature as the on-camera host for tonight’s back-to-back special. According to CBS, NCIS: The Cases They Can’t Forget looks at some of the biggest cases handled by the real-life agents of the Naval Criminal Investigation Services.

The official CBS synopsis for tonight’s episodes reads: “The murder of a Navy communications officer led NCIS agents on a dramatic investigation. The story of that investigation is part of tonight’s Season Three premiere of ‘NCIS: The Cases They Can’t Forget.’ Host Rocky Carroll, one of the stars of the hit CBS drama ‘NCIS’ shows us what to expect in Wednesday’s episode titled, ‘Roadmap to Murder.'”

Tonight’s episodes brings viewers inside two of their most unusual murder cases – the mysterious case of Cory Allen Voss, a young Navy communications officer murdered after using an ATM in Virginia, and the second, calculated murder of Lt. Lee Hartley, who fell mysteriously ill while serving aboard the USS Forrestal while deployed in the Mediterranean.

Check out CBS’ full description of the episodes below:

“Road Map to Murder” episode on Cory Allen Voss: The investigation — a collaboration with the Newport News Police Department  — would lead the agents on a trail of twisted relationships, lies and secret double lives. That trail would lead to a hospital, where two of the suspects met as they served  as medical guinea pigs testing drugs. Investigators would spend months listening to wiretaps and conduct around-the-clock surveillance of their suspects. Eight months after Voss was killed, two men and a woman  were arrested and charged with murder.

“Heartless” episode on Lr. Lee Hartley: Hartley’s illness baffled doctors and he was airlifted to a Naval hospital in Mayport, Florida. His new bride, Pamela, was beside her husband the whole time. Months after he fell ill, Hartley died. An autopsy would later reveal he died of acute arsenic poisoning. How did that happen? Investigators, as routine, turned to his new wife as a possible suspect. But, toxicology indicated Hartley was poisoned while on duty aboard the Forrestal, with 6,000 potential suspects. The case went cold after a year. Then, nearly 13 years after Hartley died, the NCIS cold case squad reopened the old case file. Dozens of potential witnesses, family and friends were re-interviewed before agents would close in on a suspect with an unusual motive.

Here is the rundown of scheduling for the remaining episodes:

  • Episode 3 airs on June 5th.
  • Episode 4 airs on June 12th.
  • Episode 5 airs on June 19th.
  • Episode 6 airs on July 3rd.
  • Episode 7 airs on July 3rd, following episode 6.

While you wait for NCIS: The Cases They Can’t Forget to air tonight, you can catch up on the NCIS season 16 finale, on the CBS website, or go commercial-free with CBS All Access.

The official CBS synopsis for the finale, titled “Daughters,” reads: “Former FBI Agent Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano) pleads with Gibbs to do whatever is necessary to take down drug dealers and suppliers in the area after his daughter, Emily Fornell (Juliette Angelo), is hospitalized from an opiate overdose.”

Tune in tonight at 9/8c for the special two-hour premiere NCIS: The Cases They Can’t Forget, only on CBS.

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