Who Is Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’? 5/18

Getty Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd is hosting the Saturday Night Live season 44 finale on NBC. The actor and comedian currently stars in the blockbuster Avengers: Endgame, and tonight will be the fourth time he’s hosted in his career. Read on to learn more about Rudd’s SNL history and his relationship with the cast members.

During a recent interview, Rudd admitted that hosting the show is still a nerve-racking experience. “I’m really excited about that, season finale,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “This will be my fourth time hosting, and its terrifying every time. But really exciting and I’m looking forward to it.” Rudd also talked about wanting to get the prestigious “jacket” that comes with hosting SNL five times. “I’m one away from the jacket, I got to get to that exclusive club.”

Rudd Will Host His 1st ‘SNL’ Season Finale & His 4th Episode Overall

Rudd hosted the show for the first time in 2008, and most recently in 2013. In addition to his hosting stints, the actor has made several cameos and uncredited appearances during skits. During a 2011 episode, Rudd popped up in the SNL skit “Kissing Family” and swapped kisses with close friend Jason Segel. The latter discussed their infamous liplock during a Moviefone interview.

“Everyone knew that I really wanted to do SNL. And it’s, by a standard, a marker in your career. And our little group is very close and very supportive of each other,” Segel explained. “Jonah [Hill] flew out and watched the show. And Rudd came to watch the show. As soon as we heard that Paul is there, we were already doing the ‘Kissing’ sketch. And he originated the ‘Kissing’ sketch.”

Rudd Has Made Cameos In Several Episodes Throughout the Years

“And we thought, Oh, this is perfect, let’s have Rudd come in at the end,” Segel added. “And Rudd and I have been on the collision course for a make-out for a long time. I Fatal Attraction-ed him in dress rehearsal. I threw him up against the wall to the point that I almost destroyed the set. I yanked his hair back so violently, and I basically, like, I can’t say the word, I mean, I hate-kissed him.”

More recently, Rudd talked about the excitement that comes with hosting a season finale. “It does have this excitement in the air for the writers, cast and crew,” he told WNKY 40. “It’s a little bit like the last week of school. The energy of a show night on SNL is crazy. It’s like a race. It’s a cool thing to be a part of, to know that, you never know, who’s going to show up from one sketch to the next.”

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