Aurora Gets Eliminated on ‘Survivor’ 5/8

Survivor Edge of Extinction

Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment The Kama tribe prepares for battle on the season premiere of "Survivor: Edge of Extinction."

As we approach the Survivor season finale, the speculation as to who will get eliminated gets more intense. Last week saw get the boot, and now, it appears that contestant Rick Devens is “at the bottom” when it comes to favoritism in the camp. Learn more about Devens and other contestants who are on the bubble.

After playing a hidden immunity idol at last week’s tribal council, Devens is now scouring every the island to try to find one last power that will help him get to the finale. “I’m doing everything I can to totally mess with everyone else,” he said during this week’s teaser. That said, if Devens is unsuccessful in his search, the remaining contestants have said that they want him out of the running. “He is target number one,” said Aurora McCreary, while fellow tribe member Lauren O’Connell added, “I think Rick has gone crazy.”

Rick Devens Is the ‘Number One Threat’ Heading Into the Penultimate Episode

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McCreary is also a possible contender for elimination, according to GoldDerby. Her peers have wanted her out several times this season, and while she’s managed to stick around, she hasn’t necessarily improved her reputation. A win for McCreary doesn’t seem likely. The other contestant on the bubble is Gavin Whitson, who, despite some heartwarming content regarding his wife last week, has not mustered up the narrative momentum or the excitement to pull out a satisfying win for viewers.

Of course, what makes Edge of Extinction different from past seasons of Survivor is that there are only two contestants who are completely out of the game. Wendy Diaz and Keith Sowell quit outright, but everyone else who’s been voted off is still in contention to return. They are currently jury members, but one of them will re-enter the game, and possibly still have a chance to win it in the end.

Only 2 Contestants Are Completely Out of the Game At This Point

Jeff Probst discussed the recent interactions between Devens and Ron Clark, and his take on the mindset of the remaining contestants. “Ron is a really aggressive and fun player to watch this season. I like the move,” he said. “I think you have to know your audience, meaning both the recipient (Devens) and the rest of the jury. If you sense that Devens respects gameplay, then it’s ultimately a good move. If you sense he’s a delicate little flower then maybe not.”

“Same with jury,” he added. “For the last few years, we’ve had juries that reward gameplay even when it’s vicious. I get the feeling that is the case with this group. You have to be willing to murder people and trust that they will respect you when they come back from the dead to cast their million dollar vote.”

UPDATE: Aurora gets voted off. Gavin and Victorian give into Rick’s gambit, and Aurora gets the boot.