Terry Crews’s Kids & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Terry Crews family

Getty Rebecca King-Crews and Terry Crews and family attend the premiere of Disney's "Aladdin."

Terry Crews is the host of America’s Got Talent, which premieres its 14th season tonight. When he’s not on the AGT stage, he is embracing his roles as an actor, former NFL player, author, husband, and father of five.

He often brings his family along to premieres and events and shows them off on social media to his 4 million Instagram followers. Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca King-Crews are parents to Azriel, Naomi, Wynfrey, Tera, and Isaiah, and grandparents to Naomi’s daughter Miley.

Here’s what you need to know about Terry Crews’s family:

1. They Had a Reality Show Called ‘The Family Crews’

From 2010 to 2011, the Crews family had a reality TV show on the BET network called The Family Crews. According to TV Guide, the show’s 24 episodes starred Terry, Rebecca, and all 5 of their children.

The final episode of the show aired on May 15, 2011; the official description for the episode, entitled “I’m Coming Out!” reads “Rebecca rehearses hard for her one woman show; Terry flies in Naomi and Miley; Azriel finds a place near NYU’s campus.”

Common Sense Media gave the show a 3-star rating and deemed it appropriate for ages 10 and up, saying it was “full of positive messages about marriage, parenthood, and family with subtle references to God and Christianity.”

2. His Daughter, Azriel, Is an Actress & Singer Like Her Parents

Terry Crews is known for his acting roles on major projects such as Brooklyn Nine Nine and White Chicks, and Rebecca is a gospel singer who goes by the stage name “Regina Madre” as a recording artist.

Azriel is clearly following in her famous parents’ footsteps; in her Instagram bio, she describes herself as an “Actress ~ Singer ~ Creator ~ Makeup [artist].” According to IMDb, she has several TV and film credits. Most recently, she appeared as “Margaret” in a few episodes of I Ship It, and as “Pip” on the TV show High Maintenance.

3. Terry & Rebecca Have Been Married Since 1990

Terry and Rebecca were married on July 29, 1990, which means they’ve been married for almost 29 years. Rebecca told E! News that when they first met, “He almost got stuck in the friend zone. He was a little too nice.” Ultimately, however, she said the key to a successful and lasting marriage is to “marry your best friend.”

That’s not to say their marriage has always been easy. According to Men’s Health, Rebecca temporarily left him after he admitted in 2010 that he had received a happy ending at a massage parlor earlier in their marriage. She ultimately supported him through his battles with depression and porn addiction and the two were able to come out stronger because of it.

4. He Was Raised by His Mom in a Strictly Religious Household

Terry Crews grew up in Flint, Michigan, and raised by his mother, who according to ABC News did not allow him to “go to the movies, play sports, dance, or listen to secular music” due to her religious belief and strict sect. He told ABC News that when he was finally allowed to see a movie, Star Wars, with his aunt, “It changed my life. I said, ‘This. I’m going to be involved in entertainment somehow, someway.’ I didn’t know I was going to be an actor, but I was like, ‘Somehow, someway, this changed my life,’ but it came out of a very sad time.”

Years after his mom’s passing in 2015, Crews shared a letter he had written to his estranged mother in 2011 to show his followers the importance of making amends before it’s too late to do so. According to Lad Bible, he wrote in the letter “I want to rebuild my relationship with you from the ground up. I believe sometimes things have to be dismantled, examined, cleaned then put back together so they work correctly. I understand if you don’t want to – but if you could allow me to shoot you these notes from time to time I would be grateful. I want you in my life. Plain and simple. I apologise for any hurt I have caused you and I forgive you for any of the same.”

5. Terry & Rebecca Have Considered Adopting More Children

Isaiah is the couple’s youngest child and he was born in 2007. While it may seem like the two are done having children, fans of the family may see another join the Crews at some point in the future.

Back in 2016, Rebecca told Us Weekly that adopting children is “something we discussed back when we were first married. It was something that I always felt kind of called to do. I would see ads in magazines, and I would just stare at them like, ‘I’m going to do that one day.’ We got to number five and decided we were done making our own. Our joke is we’re going to get one from someone else. Our kids are harassing us. They are like, ‘When are we going to do it?’”

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