‘The Bachelorette’ 2019 Spoilers – Episode 3


Hannah Brown is on a search for love on The Bachelorette 2019 and there are a ton of men vying for her attention. We’ve reached episode 3 of season 15 and the drama is already in full swing. Tonight’s show is filled with competition, roses, eliminations, health issues, and some unexpected scandal. But, before we get into all the details about tonight’s episode, THIS IS YOUR SPOILER WARNING. If you do NOT want to know any spoilers on what to expect, STOP READING NOW.

When it comes to ABC’s official description of tonight’s episode, it states, “Eight men get the surprise of their life as husband and wife actors Jason Biggs (American Pie movies, Orange Is the New Black) and Jenny Mollen (TV series Angel and Crash) take them to a birthing class with hilarious results. Which one of Hannah’s suitors will endure the experience of simulating childbirth? The Bachelorette gets a real-life health scare and one bachelor comes to her rescue. In return, she rewards him with a private concert by Danish pop and soul band Lukas Graham, performing their hit, “Love Someone.” Hannah brings another group of men on a professional photo shoot where they are shocked to find that they are posing with professional models—who are adorable animals. The curious Bachelorette once again employs Demi to share with her what the men do when she is not around, reminiscent of the new Illumination Entertainment film from the creators of Despicable Me, The Secret Life of Pets 2. Will the guys pass Demi’s test? And later, will one man spin out of control and out of Hannah’s life? The men battle to get a rose, whatever it takes.”

Now let’s get into further details on what to expect from tonight’s episode.

Tyler Gowzdz Gets Kicked Off “The Bachelorette”

For those who need a quick refresher, Tyler Gowzdz, aka Tyler G., got the solo date last week. They went out on a helicopter ride and rode ATV’s. This week is completely different for Gowdz, as he is removed from the show. As for why Gowdz was sent home, the Reality Steve Bachelorette spoilers state, “Production came to the mansion and removed Tyler G. from the show. They had been given some information about his past relationships and told him it wouldn’t be good for him to remain on the show and he needed to leave immediately. If you search hard enough on the internet, you can find out what was said. I don’t believe any of the women have come forward publicly with their names attached to it yet that I’ve seen, so while we don’t know if there’s receipts and proof of anything, the accusations were disturbing, to say the least and production and legal for ABC thought it was serious enough to remove him from the show.”

Hannah Brown Was Sick for her “Bachelorette” Solo Date

The Bachelorette Spoilers 2019

ABC/Ed HerreraPictured: Hannah B.

Connor Saeli gets tonight’s solo date but Hannah Brown is sick for the date. Despite Brown not feeling well, the two have their one-on-one date and even take in some live music.

On tonight’s episode, there are also two group dates. One of them is with celebrity Jason Biggs and the date focuses on motherhood, breastfeeding, diaper changing, and labor. The men included in this date are John Paul Jones, Jonathan, Kevin, Jed, Matteo, Cam, Tyler C., and Mike. And, the cast member who gets the rose on this date is Mike. When it comes to the other group date, the contestants involved were Devin, Garrett, Grant, Dylan, Peter, Luke P., Luke S. and Joey, as reported by Newsweek. Reality Steve reported that Garrett got the group date rose. For this date, the guys reportedly did a photo shoot with animals.

Who Gets Eliminated on “The Bachelorette” Tonight

Hannah Confronts ABC… (Always Be Creepin) Cam & Talks Pity Rose – The BacheloretteThe Bachelorette 2019 Hannah Brown Season 15 (Episode 3)2019-05-26T23:38:43.000Z

Reality Steve has reported that there is a tailgate party instead of a nighttime cocktail party after a group date and Camron Ayala becomes a pretty big subject. He has already crashed other people’s dates so some men clearly have felt disrespected or threatened. At the tailgate, Brown is told that Ayala was trying to get a “pity rose” out of Brown, with claims about his health. Ayala spoke out about his illness on Instagram, writing, “In 2002 I was officially diagnosed with #lymphedema a non-curable condition that is often misdiagnosed and completely understudied by medical professionals … I was told by dozens of doctors and “Specialists” that I would never be able to play competitive sports, and that I would have to manage this condition for the rest of my life.” Whatever the case is with Ayala’s health, Brown ended up eliminating him at the tailgate party after hearing the claims of the other men. So, it doesn’t sound like she took Ayala’s side.

As stated earlier, Tyler G. was kicked off the show by production. But, Reality Steve has reported two other men being eliminated tonight and they are Jonathan Saunders, along with Joey Jones.

Another guy who rubs Hannah Brown the wrong way tonight, is her front-runner, Luke Parker. Brown confronts him in the below clip. But, Parker is nowhere near getting eliminated.

Hannah Confronts Luke P – The Bachelorette (Sneak Peek Preview)The Bachelorette 2019 Hannah Brown Season 15 (Episode 3)2019-05-27T14:59:33.000Z
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