‘Big Little Lies’ Season 3: Will There Be New Episodes After Season 2?

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Tonight is the season 2 premiere of “Big Little Lies” on HBO, and fans are already wondering if they can look forward to a third season.

In May, the show’s creator, David E. Kelley, said that fans should not expect a third installment, and at this point, there’s no plan for one.

Speaking to Harpers Bazaar, he said, “No such plan now… I think that it’s one and two, and we like where our closure is at the end of Season 2, so that will probably be it.”

In a separate interview with Variety, actress Nicole Kidman added on, “I think it would simply be hard to get the whole group together…”

Neither sound optimistic about a third season happening, but what’s expected to go down on season 2? And will it be as good as the first run of the series?

Kelley believes the addition of Meryl Streep will make it work. He shares with The Hollywood Reporter, “Liane [Moriarty, author of the novel Big Little Lies] wrote a novella of [new] stories, and most of them we’re using… But the genius one was introducing this character who’s being played by Meryl Streep. It’s a delicious character and I felt bringing her in was both liberating and daunting.”

Big Little Lies Cast Dishes on Wine Nights With Meryl Streep at Season 2 PremiereET spoke with all the ladies of Monterey at the season 2 premiere of 'Big Little Lies,' airing June 9 on HBO. Exclusives from #ETonline : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQwITQ__CeH2Y_7g2xeiNDa0vQsROQQgv2019-06-09T16:00:13.000Z

When we pick back up tonight, the Monterey Five, as they come to be named, are still reeling from the death of Celeste’s husband Perry, and it will continue to haunt them throughout the season.

According to Vox, the show will still revolve around Perry, who is dead this season. The addition of his mom– Meryl Streep playing the role of Mary Louise Wright– adds an interesting ingredient to the mix. Vox writes, “The role sees Streep meekly prodding and sometimes clumsily poking at Celeste and the rest of the Monterey 5 for answers about her dead son, but there’s something clearly nefarious lurking beneath Mary Louise’s innocent facade.”

And who could forget about the oh-so-dramatic Renata Klein, played by Laura Dern? At one point she tells the staff of Otter Bay, “You deconstructed my little girl into a coma,” bound to elicit laughter from viewers at home.

The Atlantic says of Season 2, “The HBO drama is as entertaining as it is thoughtful about human damage and desire.” They go on to write that the series is offering up some of the “best psychological storytelling on television.”

Be sure to tune in tonight on HBO at 9pm ET/PT.

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