‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 Release Date: When Are New Episodes Coming to Netflix?

Black Mirror Season 5

Netflix Black Mirror Season 5

With only three episodes airing in Season 5 of Netflix’s Black Mirror, fans are already wondering when the release date for Season 6 will be. Is the show renewed? If you live in the United States, you’ll be waiting a while before you can see any new iterations of Black Mirror. But if you live in Latin America, you’ll get to see new episodes in just a few days. Read on for more details.

At this time, Netflix has not announced if it’s renewing Black Mirror for Season 6 or not. But considering the investment that was put into the cutting edge interactive movie Bandersnatch, it seems unlikely that Netflix won’t renew the show. When asked about Season 6, Annabel Jones told New Statesman: “It would be nice to do more, as there are certainly more ideas.”

If the show is renewed for Season 6, it will likely be quite a while before we get to see the new episodes. The show moved to Netflix for Season 3 and those six episodes premiered on October 21, 2016. Then the six episodes for Season 4 premiered on December 29, 2017. The six episodes for Season 5 premiered on June 5, 2019. So as you can see, there’s no real pattern to when Black Mirror episodes premiere, except that there’s at least a year or more in between each season. So we likely won’t see anything else until at least mid-2020 or later.

But Latin America will see new episodes sooner than that.

Before we even get to Season 6, there are new episodes coming out on Netflix in just a few days. Unfortunately, those episodes are only available for Netflix Latin America subscribers and they’ll only be in Spanish, Digital Spy shared. The episodes were originally called Little Black Mirror but have since been renamed Stories From Our Future. They’re three mini-episodes that were originally supposed to release before Season 5 but are now releasing on June 10, 2019 instead. The shorts are written, directed and scored by Rudy Mancuso. It’s the first time since The Entire History of You in 2011 that anything Black Mirror related wasn’t written by Charlie Booker.

The episodes will be posted on the Netflix America Latina YouTube Channel and on Mancuso’s, Lele Pons’, and Juanpa Zurita’s YouTube accounts simultaneously. There’s a chance these will be region-locked and viewable only in Latin American countries.