Dave East Nude Photos Leak Online

Getty Rapper Dave East

Nude photos of Dave East have leaked online and are being shared on various social media platforms including Twitter and Reddit. The rapper has yet to respond, but the pics have since gone viral, and led to a debate as to whether he is actually the man in them.

The nude photos originated from a Dropbox link that was posted on Wednesday  June 5. They show what is believed to be his lower half, with several of the photos showing his unexposed crotch area. Only one of the photos show his face, however. The photos led to much speculation from fans, some of whom were eager to get their hands on pics of the rapper, and others who were skeptical that the pics were of him in the first place.

Nude Photos of the Rapper Allegedly Leaked from a Dropbox Link

Those who were skeptical that the photos belonged to East pointed out that the man shown in them doesn’t have the rapper’s leg tattoos. “Also please leave my man dave east alone! those are not his nudes bc he definitely has leg tattoos & i ain’t spot a single one in those pics/video,” wrote one annoyed fan.

This is not the first time that East’s good lucks have been a point of discussion. In 2017, model Trya Banks reached out to the rapper and asked him if he ever considered modeling. “Everybody was writing the s**t. I was like, ‘What the f**k did Tyra Banks say about me,” he told Billboard.

East Considered Modeling After Tyra Banks Told Him He Should Make a Career Out of It

“Then, I went on her page and she posted a picture of me. She was like, ‘I know you make music, right?’ Why you not modeling?’ I was like, ‘That’s crazy.’ I said, ‘Yo. I got my booking here. Call my agencies right now,'” he continued. “Mad people be saying that to me. Women say that to me. Like, ‘Oh you should model.’ That’s like Steven Spielberg telling you you should act. You’re gonna go do a movie.” East went on to say that if he does get into modeling, he does not want to do any nude photoshoots.

“I ain’t gon’ be butt naked at no bus stops or nothing like that. Anything I’m gonna do is gonna be me. It might be something out of the norm of what you think I’mma do, but I’m gonna always twist it and do that s**t my way,” he explained. “I’m never gonna sell my soul or violate myself for no amount of dollars or fame. It’ll always be, ‘I’m definitely gonna look into that.’ You got Tyra Banks — that’s America’s Next Top Model and the number one model ever — saying you should model.”

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