‘Fear the Walking Dead’ San Antonio Split: Viewers React to That Ax Scene


There was a crazy scene on Fear the Walking Dead tonight that viewers are saying looked a lot like a Z Nation crossover. And no, we’re not talking about the crossover with The Walking Dead. The ax scene has left people talking, and fans are divided on whether that scene was good or not. This post will have major spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3. After you’ve read this article, let us know your thoughts about the ax scene in the poll at the end of the story.

During a battle with walkers, with only one bullet left, John Dorie asked Dwight to hold up his ax. With barely any strength, Dwight raised his ax as he lay on the ground and John shot at it. The bullet was split by the ax and both sides of the bullet killed a walker on either side.

Yes, this was highly unrealistic. But was it a good scene? Viewers are divided.

On Reddit, viewers don’t think it was great. Here are some of their comments:

No. They didn’t just split a bullet with an axe Edit: I’m confident that next episode they officially crossover to Z-Nation on scifi. We might as well have a zombie-nado after this.” – As_Above_So_Below

Oh my God. This show will never recover from that scene.” – DocBenwayOperates

This episode was going so well i was actually thinking “could this episode really not have anything ridiculous in it?”. then dwight’s axe split john’s bullet in two and i started laughing hysterically xD – DanielPirvan

Interestingly, Twitter had a very different response.

So while some viewers found that ax scene ridiculous, others loved it and thought it was perfect. What did you think? Let us know in the poll below.