Katie & Kolton on ‘Marrying Millions’

Katie and Kolton


In Lifetime’s newest docuseries, fans will get a look into the lives of six couples. “From the creators of 90 Day Fiancé, the new series follows the relationships where one partner is incredibly wealthy, and the other is definitively not, leading the couple to face intense scrutiny and questioning whether it’s true love… or true love of the money and the lavish lifestyles that follow?”

The six couples the show will follow are deeply in love and hoping to marry, but will everything pan out for them? What about when they meet one another’s families?

Here’s what we know about Katie and Kolton, one of the couples reality fans will get to know on Marrying Millions.

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Katie Hamilton and Kolton Pierce are an interesting couple. According to their profile on My Lifetime, Katie is 37, and was previously married to baseball player Josh Hamilton. When they divorced, she ended up with tons of money, and she and Hamilton share custody of their three daughters.

It wasn’t long after the split that Katie met 23-year-old Kolton when her 18-year-old daughter had a group of friends over (that’s right, she met Kolton through her daughter). Lifetime writes, “After hitting it off, the two began dating and though they have only been together for a few months, there has already been backlash from her friends and family and she has yet to meet his parents.”

Pierce is a musician, and recently released his first single, “Bad at Love.” According to Bionic Buzz, he began writing and recording in high school before going to college to play football. Discussing his latest single, Pierce explains, “I wrote this song because my love life was in shambles, but I had hope during this time and decided to write ‘Bad At Love’ to get through the hard times and make way for the good ones.” Check out the official video for “Bad at Love” below.

Bad At Love (Official Video)Instagram & Twitter: @koltonpierce252019-06-17T22:17:52.000Z

According to Soap Dirt, both Katie and Colton share deep-roots in the Christian faith. Their motto is that “age is just a number.”

When the show kicks off, Katie has yet to meet Kolton’s parents. How will that go down? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Bill Hutchinson Will Also Appear on the Show

Along with Hamilton, powerhouse developer Bill Hutchinson will appear on the show alongside his much younger girlfriend, Brianna Ramirez. According to Paper City Magazine, the two met while Ramirez was working as a hostess at Blue Mesa Grill. She was just 18 at the time. (Now, she is 21, while Hutchinson is 61.) He works as the CEO and founder of the commercial real estate company Dunhill Partners.

In clips detailing what will go down this season, Ramirez’s friends struggle with the age gap between her and Hutchinson. In other clips, Ramirez is hesitant to join Hutchinson at a number of social engagements. Could it be because of their huge age gap?

Marrying Millions will premiere on Wednesday, July 10, at 9pm ET/PT.

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