What is Megan’s Secret on Life After Lockup?

Megan Life After Lockup

Instagram Megan is harboring a big secret from boyfriend Michael Simmons on Life After Lockup, which has left fans questioning what her secret could be.

Megan and Michael, stars of the hit TLC series Life After Lockup and Love After Lockup, have had viewers questioning their relationship since they first appeared on the show. Not only has Michael been involved in a love triangle with Megan and his wife Sarah, Megan recently revealed that she has a “big secret” that she’s been hiding from Michael which has fans wondering what that secret could be.

For those who need a recap, the Michael-Sarah-Megan love triangle has left viewers scrambling to try to keep up with the drama season 2 of the original show aired earlier this year. Michael had apparently married Sarah in secret in 2017 but was still dating Megan with neither of the women knowing about the other. Both women are now aware of each other, and Michael has been telling both of them that he is leaving the other, although he has yet to choose either Sarah or Megan. Now it looks like Megan has some big news for Michael, but she isn’t sure how to share it with him.

“I have something to tell Michael and I don’t know how he’s going to take it,” Megan tells the cameras in the clip below. “But before I do that, I deserve my own answers.”

Megan never revealed what exactly the big secret was during that episode. It appears that WE tv might decide to drag her secret out throughout the next few episodes to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, so now fans are guessing what she could possibly be hiding from her jailhouse beau.

One of the leading theories is that Megan might be pregnant, and doesn’t know how to tell Michael while his wife Sarah is also nine months pregnant with his child (and still in the picture). Megan is still very attached to Michael and is adamant on staying with the man despite knowing that he has a wife and a baby on the way, so this has fans wondering if she might be overly attached to Michael because he knocked her up. However, she did lose her virginity to him, so that could also explain her commitment and over-attached feelings for him.

This Reddit thread also discusses the possibility that Megan cheated on Michael while he was in prison, which might be the next likeliest theory. If she was unfaithful, it’s possible that she wants to wait to tell Michael until he works out his situation with Sarah, and that way, she would have leverage to use against him if he gets angry about her infidelity (i.e., she could throw it in his face that he has been cheating on his wife with her/vice versa for years, so what does it matter if she was with another man?).

Another fan speculates that the producers of the show just want fans to think Megan is pregnant, when in reality the big secret might have nothing to do with a baby at all. Another thinks that Megan was never a virgin to begin with (at least when she met Michael), and that she might be trying to figure out how to break the news that he wasn’t her first.

A few of the other theories on the Reddit thread start to get a little bit wacky after that, but the primary speculation is that Megan is either pregnant, was unfaithful, or wasn’t a virgin when she met Michael. Viewers will just have to keep watching and wait for the big reveal. Tune in Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv to catch the newest episode of Life After Lockup.

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