Are Michael and Megan Still Together on Love After Lockup?

Love After Lockup

Instagram Michael, Megan and Sarah's love triangle during the second season of "Love After Lockup" has fans wondering who he will chose in the end.

Michael and Megan’s relationship is still being featured prominently on Life After Lockup, the spinoff of the hit WE tv series Love After Lockup. Their relationship has been somewhat controversial, considering Michael was still married to his wife Sarah while the two were dating.

So what’s going on with the Michael-Megan-Sarah love triangle? Has Michael finally chosen one or the other? Michael claims to love both women, and has repeatedly told both Megan and Sarah that he no longer has feelings for the other and was planning to leave, but it doesn’t appear that he had made up his mind just yet, at least while WE tv was still filming Life After Lockup. 

Last week’s episode saw Megan showing up to greet Michael after his release from prison. She had an awkward run-in with Michael’s mother and sister, neither of whom like Megan (they consider her a “homewrecker”). Michael insisted that he was planning to hire a divorce lawyer and leave Sarah, who (at the time) was nine-months pregnant with his second child. He told Megan that his and Sarah’s relationship was “toxic” and that he was only remaining in contact with her so he could see his daughter.

When Sarah found out from Michael’s sister that he and Megan were in Michigan together, she said she was ready to “explode,” considering Michael had been telling her he wanted to work things out. So clearly the whole love triad between the three had not yet been resolved while the network was filming the spinoff.

“From what he’s told me, he doesn’t love her, he doesn’t want to be with her,” Megan says in the promo above. “People say ‘oh well you should just let it go,’ NO. I have f–king dedicated two years of my life to this relationship, and I have a very strong connection with him. If he told me ‘hey look I want to work things out with my wife’ then do it, but don’t be writing me letters saying you need me, you love me and you’re sorry. Don’t do that s–t. Let me go and stop trying to reel me back in if that’s what it is. If you want to be with your wife, be with your wife, but your actions are telling me something different.”

When it comes to the question of whether or not the two are still together, or if he did go back to Sarah and try to work things out with his wife, the answer is still uncertain at this time and likely won’t be answered until after Life After Lockup wraps up.

Megan posted a series of pictures on Instagram back in February of her and Michael when they went to Niagra Falls together, writing “I can’t lie…This was a great day. I know a lot of people think that when I look back I should be bitter about my experiences.. But I’m not. This was an amazing day.” However, there are no other recent pictures of the two of them together on her page, and her comment doesn’t indicate whether or not the two are together, just that she had a great day with him when they went to Niagra Falls.

Both Sarah and Michael’s social media pages don’t give any indication of who he might have chosen either (if either of them), although that might not mean anything. It could just be in all three of their contracts with WE tv that they can’t share photos with each other until the spinoff season concludes, so fans are just going to have to wait and see who he chooses by tuning in to Life After Lockup tonight at 9/8c.

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