‘The Bachelorette’ Finale 2019: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Bachelorette Finale 2019

ABC/Ed Herrera Pictured: Hannah Brown

The date of the 2019 finale of The Bachelorette is two nights. The big event will air on July 29th and July 30th next week, with the After the Final Rose special airing during the second night, on ABC. On the first part of the finale, which airs from 8 – 10:01 p.m. ET live on Monday night, Hannah Brown is feeling undecided with her final 3 men. She sits down with show host Chris Harrison to talk about her journey and final suitors. Meanwhile, the men share their ups and downs throughout the season. This carries over into part 2 of the finale as well, which also airs from 8 – 10:01 p.m. ET live, but on Tuesday night.

When talking about what to expect on the finale of season 15 and from star Hannah Brown, Harrison spoke with People and revealed, “There’s a lot of things being said. I think she has narrowed it down to three good guys. I know how it ended in Greece, but I don’t know how this is going to end up for her … That is why I’m actually really interested in this two-night finale that’s coming up. It’s live, and I love going into a show not knowing how it’s really going to turn out.”

Now, before we get into what happens on the finale episode of The Bachelorette this season, this is your MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING. If you do NOT want to know who the winner this season is, what to expect on the finale, who Brown breaks up with, and what happens on the ATFR episode, STOP READING NOW.

1. “The Bachelorette” 2019 Runner-Up Is Tyler Cameron

Prior to the season airing, Bachelorette blogger Reality Steve stated that Tyler Cameron was the winner of season 15. It wasn’t until a few weeks into the show that the reports changed and Cameron was identified as the runner-up, not the person who wins.

Originally, Reality Steve said that, “For the next 2 months you will hear all sorts of stories regarding the ending. It’s the same song and dance every year. But here you go. She picked Tyler and that’s where we’re at.” But, he ultimately changed his report.

When it comes to what happens to Cameron on the finale, show host Chris Harrison told Entertainment Tonight, “We will find out … and that’s part of the beauty of the live finale is I don’t know what’s going to happen. With Peter, with Tyler, with Jed, with all of them. I think there’s a lot of questions to be answered.”

2. Hannah Brown Gets Engaged

Brown goes into the finale with her final 3 – Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron, and Jed Wyatt, but only one of them gets engaged to Brown. Who is it? Reality Steve has reported that Wyatt is the man who won over Brown.

Reality Steve explained, “I started hearing that Hannah was with Jed and not Tyler. Started looking into it, and the Tuesday before I left for Vegas is when I got the most interesting tip about a possible Hannah and Jed engagement. So I’ve spent the better part of the last two weeks doing all I can to figure out its legitimacy. And now I finally feel comfortable and can report: Hannah chose Jed at the end.”

He continued, “I’m well aware people will still hold out hope it’s Tyler and you have every right to. All I’m doing is telling you what I was told based on the people I’ve spoken with, the information I’ve seen, and frankly, one major piece of information that’s floating out there. I’m confident in this and I’ll leave it at that … It’s Jed.” Reality Steve also said that Brown and Wyatt got engaged on the finale.

3. “The Bachelorette” Winner 2019 Deals With a Dating Scandal

Jed Wyatt may have reportedly won The Bachelorette, but, that doesn’t mean it’s been smooth sailing for him. Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend, Haley Stevens (pictured above), alleges that they were in a relationship when he left to film the show, according to Entertainment Tonight. She also claimed that Wyatt only went on the show to further his career, which is something he admitted to Brown this season. However, he said that meeting Brown made him very interested in pursuing a relationship with her.

In an interview with People, Stevens claimed that, “We spent the night together the night before he headed to L.A. … He told me [the show] was just an obstacle and we’d be stronger on the other side because of it. He told me [early on] that he had applied. He said, ‘It’s probably not going to happen, but it’s a huge opportunity. I’m only doing this for my music.’ He only did it for his career.” She said she and Wyatt had been dating for four months when he left to be on The Bachelorette.

Stevens told E! News, “I never even got broken up with. Never got any explanation. I could get choked up thinking about it right now.”

4. Hannah Brown Breaks Up With the Winner on the “Bachelorette” Finale

According to Reality Steve, Brown breaks up with Jed Wyatt after their engagement and Bachelorette cameras were rolling. And, before the break up even happened, Reality Steve predicted that they wouldn’t end up together. He hinted at some kind of a scandal but couldn’t reveal his “sources” at the time. He also stated, “He admitted to initially coming on the show because it was a platform for his music. That shouldn’t be forgotten. Because he met Hannah and fallen for her doesn’t change the fact the show is still a platform for his music. He’s not quitting his music career because he’s with her. I’m much more skeptical about the whole thing and his intentions than I am with all the hearsay and speculation going on. I just don’t see it long term based on what I’ve gathered.”

In recent weeks, Reality Steve reported that Brown and Wyatt had, in fact, broken up. Reality Steve wrote on Twitter, “I can confirm that Hannah broke off her engagement to Jed earlier this week … Knowing that for the next month, so many people will be tweeting at Hannah to get rid of Jed, they’re so happy she ended the engagement, go back to Tyler, etc. … To end an engagement means Hannah has been bothered enough by what’s come out. I don’t see how Jed gets back in her good graces after this.”

Though Brown is reported to be the one who pulls the trigger on the relationship, she recently told Entertainment Tonight that her heart has definitely gotten broken during her Bachelorette experience. Brown said, “My heart gets broken through all of this because of just learning and growing and putting my heart out there in the way that I did.”

5. Jed Wyatt’s Girlfriend Scandal Is Addressed Live on “After the Final Rose”

Jed Wyatt has been receiving a lot of backlash since his hometown date aired, with fans making hateful comments about his ex-girlfriends allegations. In response, Wyatt wrote on his Instagram, “I ask that you please understand how much the actions being taken towards myself, my family, the men on the show, and above all, Hannah, are affecting all of our mental and physical health. It goes beyond what is said online. Threatening letters and phone calls have been sent to our homes. My parents and sister are being verbally attacked in public. I beg you to remember what seems like a harmless action is damaging to real people. I want to thank all of you who have reached out or reserved judgment until I am able to speak openly and I can only ask for your patience and kindness until then.”

With so much controversy and the After the Final Rose finale special being live, host Chris Harrison has confirmed that the girlfriend scandal will be addressed and Wyatt will be confronted. Harrison told People that, “I want to hear Jed’s side of the story. I think a lot of people have spoken, and before we judge — which we’re so quick to do on Twitter — I would like to hear from him.”

Harrison also said that he commends Wyatt for not telling his truth about the situation yet, out of respect for the show. Harrison expressed to People, “That can’t be easy for him. So no matter what happens, I will say thank you to him for that. And I respect him for that because I would be jumping from the treetops to speak my truth [after] being blasted like he has been. So I’m going to give him a chance to speak … I want to give him a chance to speak his truth and find out what’s his side of the story.”