WATCH: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Trailer

A trailer for the new Star Trek: Picard was shown during Comic-Con and it is amazing. There were quite a few surprises in the trailer, including people in the series that you may not have expected to see. This will be Star Trek at its finest. You can watch the trailer below or from the YouTube link above.

For one, we now know that Data (Brent Spiner) and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) will be in the series. (Remember, Data sacrificed himself for Picard in the last movie.) A Borg cube was seen in the trailer, so the series isn’t just about the destruction of Romulus.

Spiner said he didn’t realize he was going to be in the trailer they showed at Comic-Con.

People who saw the trailer before it was dropped outside of Hall H said it was amazing.

Prior to the trailer’s release, we learned from previous stories and teaser that Picard now has a dog named Number One. It looks like it’s a pit bully or a pit bull mix, very similar to the dogs that Patrick Stewart currently fosters. Fans guessed the dog’s name when they zoomed in on its tag and saw it read “No. 1” on the first poster released for the show, and CBS later confirmed the name.

Kurtzman told Hollywood Reporter: “Picard’s life was radically altered by the dissolution of the Romulan Empire.” In the 2009 reboot, we saw that Romulus was destroyed when a star exploded in 2387, and now that is somehow altering Picard’s future from the possible one we glimpsed in The Next Generation. It will be interesting to see, since in Nemesis Picard faced a Romulan clone of himself.

We learned from the teaser trailer on May 23 that he was promoted to admiral and, 15 years before the show, led a rescue team on a mystery mission. The teaser says that Picard’s rescue armada “led us out of darkness.” After that, he left Starfleet. The teaser begins in a vineyard (Picard’s family vineyard). In the 1994 episode All Good Things, we saw that Picard’s future (one possible version of it) included working in a vineyard in France and becoming an ambassador.

Alex Kurtzman noted during today’s Comic-Con panel: “We are shaking up the character (Picard) while staying true to who he is…” Picard, he added, is an entirely different story than Discovery. “Picard is questioning many of the decisions he has made.”

When Patrick Stewart was first announced during the panel, the audience cheered like crazy. Here’s a look at the cast gathered together for the panel:

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We also learned that Stewart has been a collaborator with the writers from beginning, Michael Chabon said during the panel. Producer Kirsten Beyer said: “It’s an extraordinary opportunity to see the most unknown part of his (Picard’s) journey.”

Michelle Hurd, who plays Rocky, said this show looks at Picard’s past as he struggles with some personal demons.

This will be a Star Trek that fans won’t soon forget.

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