Who Does Hannah Brown Have Sex With In a Windmill & On the Overnight Dates?

Who Did Hannah Have Sex With In A Windmill

ABC/Mark Bourdillon Pictured: Hannah Brown

UPDATE: On part 1 of the finale of The Bachelorette 2019, Hannah Brown admits to having sex with Peter Weber 4 times, saying she fibbed when she told Luke Parker “twice”.

One of the biggest questions that Bachelor and Bachelorette fans wonder about and make their guesses about online gets answered by the star herself on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette. But, she answers a question about just one contestant. What about the others? Who does Hannah Brown have sex with on The Bachelorette 2019? We’re going to break down the answers for you below, about each of the final 4 men. Who gets lucky on their overnight dates and who ends up in the fantasy suites? Read on below for the rundown on each of the men, fan theories about who Brown had sex with, and her own admissions. But, BEWARE OF SPOILERS.

Luke Parker Does Not Have Sex With Hannah Brown

Luke Parker and Hannah Brown

ABC/John FleenorPictured: Luke Parker and Hannah Brown

Out of the final 4 men on the show, though there has been no confirmation, it’s safe to say that Parker and Brown do not have sex. We say this because their entire argument during the overnights is about Brown’s intimacy with others on the show. In a clip from tonight’s episode, Parker tells Brown that if she has sex with another guy, he would go home. During their fight, Brown ends up throwing in Parker’s face that she already had sex with someone “in a windmill” and that they had sex twice. According to Reality Steve, Parker leaves the show after this and Brown is shown putting up her middle finger as his car drives away.

Previously on the show, Parker talked about his faith playing a large part in his life now and that when he was younger, he used to “chase sex”, but that’s not how he lives today.

Peter Weber Has Sex With Hannah Brown In a Windmill According to Reality Steve

Hannah Brown And Peter Weber

ABC/John FleenorPictured: Hannah Brown and Peter Weber

During Peter Weber’s hometown date, Brown starts looking through the center console in his car and she ends up finding a condom, which appears to embarrass Weber. According to Reality Steve, condoms came into play again for this couple, as Weber is reported to be the man in the windmill. Reality Steve wrote on Twitter that, “In Monday’s episode, you’ll see that Peter is Windmill Sex guy. And there is a condom in the room that they joke about since he was the one that had it in the console of his car.” In fact, on the overnight dates episode, Weber and Brown’s fantasy suite ends up actually being inside a windmill … So, it’s pretty clear that Weber sleeps with Brown on The Bachelorette.

Hannah Brown Thinks Her Relationship with Tyler Cameron Is Too Physical

Did Tyler Cameron Have Sex With Hannah Brown On The Bachelorette

ABC/Ed HerreraPictured: Tyler Cameron

Hannah Brown has gushed over Tyler Cameron and his body throughout the season and, on tonight’s overnight date, she and Cameron get couples massages. Both are in their bathing suits and Brown is topless. Part of the way into the massages, Cameron surprises Brown and has the masseuses leave so he could take over the massage. Things get quite intimate between the two but there have been no reports that the couple definitely had sex.

In fact, during the dinner portion of their overnight dates, Brown tells Cameron that she worries their relationship is based too much on the physical. Brown wants to be sure that there is substance to their connection. If we were to guess, we would say that Brown and Cameron have sex. After all, they do have so much chemistry and Brown admits to having such a great physical connection with Cameron. Some fans have tweeted online that they think Brown has had sex with Cameron as well but nothing has been confirmed. And, after former Bachelor star Nick Viall posed with Cameron, captioning the photo with “just had lunch in a windmill”, fans are in an uproar. See one of the tweets below.

Jed Wyatt Was Originally Reported as Hannah Brown’s Windmill Date

Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown

ABC/John FleenorPictured: Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown

With all this windmill talk, fans may be wondering about Jed Wyatt, who is a definite front-runner this season. Originally, fans on Twitter thought he was Brown’s windmill conquest, as there was a windmill shown in the background of one of their dates. Even Reality Steve backed up the claims. But, he later corrected himself and went with Peter Weber as the windmill rendezvous. Without saying how far Jed Wyatt gets on the show this season, there’s a 99.9 percent chance that he has sex with Hannah Brown, whether it’s on the show or off the show.

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