Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Who Gets Power of Veto Tonight?

Big Brother spoilers

CBS Christie Murphy plays America's Field Trip Comp "Eggscape The Coop" on Big Brother.

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 21 will include recaps of Saturday’s Power of Veto competition and Monday’s ceremony results. It will also serve as a precursor to the nomination results during Thursday’s live show. With these events in mind, who will get Power of Veto? Who will be the latest contestant to claim the game-changing power?

According to GoldDerby, the contestant who gets Power of Veto tonight is Jackson Michie. Jackson won the endurance competition to become the Week 8 Head of Household after the end of the live show on August 15. He reportedly spent two days considering who would be his eviction nominees, and he eventually settled on Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera.

Jackson Michie Has the Power of Veto Heading Into Tonight’s Episode

Jackson’s picks made sense, as both Christie and Analyse tried to get him eliminated in the past. “The days of playing it safe are over,” he said after winning Power of Veto. “Everyone else is afraid to take a shot at (Christie), and I’m sick of it… This is the best move for me. It’s high risk and high reward.” After he announced his eviction nominees, Christie said “respect” and Analyse sarcastically blew him a kiss. Both contestants are unsettled by the situation they’ve been put in.

Jackson’s power play comes as a complete 180 from previous episodes. Prior to his victory, he could only count on his “showmance” partner Holly Allen as a reliable support system, while the other seven contestants targeted him as someone to evict. Christie was especially eager to kick Jackson off the series. Christie has been instrumental in several of the evictions this season, and she openly declared that she wanted Jackson to go next. Jackson eavesdropped on Christie as she voiced her intentions to Analyse the night before the HOH competition.

Jackson Has Nominated Christie Murphy & Analyse Talavera for Eviction

“I don’t really think Michie wants to make a game move,” Christie said after the nomination. “I just think he wants to get me out just to get me out. I’m not going home this week. I gladly accept this challenge to go head-to-head with Michie in this Veto and not only do I gladly accept it, I’ll be honored to win the Veto and beat him at his own game.” Analyse was less enthusiastic in her reaction, saying that she felt “blindsided” and “very upset” by the eviction nomination.

Jackson’s newfound power has given him a respite from the online criticism that has hounded him throughout the season. Some fans felt that he was too arrogant and condemned his womanizer reputation, while others derided him for his close friendship with Jake Matthews, a contestant who was previously accused of ageism and sexism. Now that he’s wielding the Power of Veto, however, fans are given an opportunity to see a different side of his personality.