New Joker Movie Clips Released Ahead of Trailer

Joker Movie Clips

Director Todd Phillips’ stand-alone DC film, Joker, released a series of short clips on Instagram earlier today. Depicting a few seconds of various scenes, these very brief videos also tease the arrival of a new trailer this Wednesday. This announcement is only revealed via hidden symbols that appear throughout the clips. When put together the message reads: “Trailer 8.28.” With Joker set to release on October 4, we suspect this will be the final big piece of marketing material before the movie drops.

Here are all the Joker clips from Instagram:

For the unfamiliar, Joker is a movie that has no association with the larger DC cinematic universe. Rated R, the film aims to explore the psychology of the person who eventually becomes Gotham’s Crown Prince of Crime. Joaquin Pheonix plays Arthur Fleck, a clown-for-hire who’s life nose dives after one bad decision.

In the clips above we may get a glimpse of the aftermath of this choice with Arthur running through the street. Robert De Niro’s late-night, talkshow host Murray Franklin also gets a brief appearance. This is where we expect the Joker to make his first, public appearance. Given the R rating, just how dark and twisted Todd Phillips’ version of the Joker will be. This marks the Joker’s first appearance in a DC live-action, R rated movie.

Joker is set to release on October 4.

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