What Happened to Tate on ‘Yellowstone’? Is He Alive or Dead?


If you watched Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 9 on the Paramount Network, then you are no doubt wondering about that ending and just what happened to Tate. Read on for more details.

This post will have spoilers for Season 2 Episode 9. 

They Only Found Tate’s Boot This Week

First, let’s clear up that very last scene. No they did not find Tate’s body or a part of Tate’s body. They found his boot. This means Tate is still alive, but kidnapped. Now read on for the details on how we know that and what that ending really meant.

At the end of Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 9, something crazy and heart-wrenching happened. John Dutton and his grandson Tate were relaxing after dinner and they were about to enjoy some ice cream. That’s when John reminded Tate that he needed to feed his new horse Lucky before he had dessert.

Tate went outside to feed his horse while the Rip, the wranglers, and Kayce were occupied helping Jimmy get revenge on Ray for killing his grandfather. Tate fed Lucky in a very wholesome and sweet scene, but he forgot to close the gate when he was done.

Then Tate was walking at night, something startled him, he turned around, and the scene cut to the Jimmy Revenge storyline.

When we returned to Dutton Ranch, John realized that Tate had taken too long to return. He went out searching for his grandson and couldn’t find him. John noticed that Lucky was out of his gate, just hanging out, and he immediately knew that something was wrong. He brought Lucky back into the gate and asked Monica if she knew where Tate was, but she didn’t know either.

That’s when they realized Tate was missing.

Kayce was mad that John let Tate feed the horse alone. But John said there were supposed to be wranglers around and that’s Kayce’s responsibility. They fought until Monica forced them to focus on the real problem: where Tate was.

They searched all night without finding him. When morning came, John realized there were tracks on the Dutton Ranch property leading off the property. The tire tracks didn’t belong to anyone else on the ranch.

They ran in the direction of the tracks and Kayce found one of Tate’s boots on the ground. That’s when Monica started screaming.

You might have thought from Monica’s screams that it meant they found Tate’s body or that he was dead. But this is NOT the case. From all the hints that we’ve been given so far, it does not appear that Tate is dead.

The Beck brothers are likely the ones that had Tate kidnapped. Last week, Malcolm Beck was trying to figure out who John loved the most so he could hurt him and gain control of the situation again. He seemed to be focusing in on Tate as the biggest possibility.

Now, we know that the Beck brothers aren’t above murder and Tate definitely isn’t safe if he’s with them. But at this point in time, it appears that Tate has simply been kidnapped by the Becks and they are going to hold him as a pawn in an attempt to gain control over the Dutton family. Next week is going to focus on the Duttons’ attempt to get Tate back.

So no, Tate isn’t dead. His body wasn’t found today, just his empty boot. But that was the proof they needed to know that the tire tracks they saw were the source of Tate’s disappearance. And that clued them in to the likely possibility that the Becks had taken Tate.

Fans on Twitter Are Reacting About Tate’s Kidnapping & They Have Some Interesting Theories

Fans are going crazy about the way Yellowstone ended.

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Tate is the most wholesome thing on this show, so he’s got to be OK.

But not every fan is convinced that the Becks were behind Tate’s disappearance.

Some fans think the mysterious Cowboy took Tate. It’s possible he was a double agent planted by the Becks all along. He did just happen to decide to leave right when Tate was taken. It’s possible he’s working for the Becks and was the one who kidnapped Tate. But is there a chance he’s working for someone else?

So in conclusion: Tate isn’t dead, but he’s in danger. And next week we’ll find out if they get Tate back.

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