‘Yellowstone’ Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review: Catch Your Breath after that Ending


Tonight is the ninth episode of Yellowstone Season 2 on the Paramount Network. After tonight there is only one episode left in Season 2, the finale that airs next week. This is a live recap and review of “Enemies by Monday.” This article will have spoilers for Season 2 Episode 9.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode reads: “The Duttons gear up for a final fight with the Becks; Beth helps Monica out of an uncomfortable situation.”

And here we go.

The episode opens with someone breaking into what I have to assume is the Becks’ hangar and private airplane, since it was a big part of last week’s episode. I wondered if the Duttons’ team was going to sabotage it, and it looks like I’m right. Kayce is there and they’re dropping something into the fuel tank. But honestly, I think this is going to “blow up” on them (pun intended) and not work in the way they’re hoping.

It’s the next day and John and Kayce are outside on their horses, talking. Kayce tells John that there’s no backing out now.

“It’s the one constant in life. You build something worth having, someone’s going to try to take it,’ John says.

In the distance, we see smoke over the mountains.

And the beautiful introduction plays again. This is the second-to-last episode of the season, and I can definitely say that I’m going to miss this introduction.

The next scene features Tate and Monica and I’m reminded about the Becks’ plan to hurt the person John cares for the most, who is likely Tate. :( Tate says goodbye to his horse Lucky as he heads off to school, and I can’t help but just love this scene.

A dead body was found on someone’s property (I’m not sure whose) and they’re talking about finding the next of kin. We cut to Jimmy loading bales of hay while he talks to Cowboy. (I haven’t seen Cowboy in ages! He was so mysterious and then they dropped his storyline.)

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OH NO! It looks like it was Jimmy’s grandfather who was found dead. :( Poor Jimmy can’t catch a break. His grandpa had a stroke after he was assaulted. This is just WRONG. Can we stop beating up on Jimmy?

We all know it’s that Ray guy that Jimmy visited last week. He tried to pay off his debt, but Ray said it wasn’t enough and he stilled owed him $1,000 for Avery bear-spraying him. Jimmy knows it’s Ray.

Oh no, Rip and Kayce ride up to Jimmy losing it. :(

Rip pulls Jimmy aside and gets the whole story.

Rip: “I’m going to show you how to get rid of the problems so they don’t become your problems.” He’s not going to let Jimmy go to jail over this, but he’s also not going to let this go unanswered. He and Kayce are going to take care of the Ray problem tonight.

Don’t mess with the Dutton Ranch folks.

Jamie, looking like a real cowboy, gets a call from a woman who wants to meet him at the coffee shop. It’s creepy because her voice sounds like the reporter, but I know the reporter is dead.

Ohhhh, it’s Jamie’s old assistant/ex-girlfriend, Christina. She wants to know about the reporter’s death, and Jamie tells her he doesn’t know what happened to her.

“So what becomes of me? I know what she knew,” she said. Jamie assures her that nothing will happen to her.

And here comes the Jamie’s-not-a-good-man speech. Wait, what… She tells him he has to try harder “if you want to be a part of our child’s life.” The way she talks to him reminds me a lot of Beth. She tells Jamie he has nine months to figure out if he wants to be a good man or a father. Jamie tells her not to tell anyone he’s the dad, because he’s not sure how his father will react.

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She tells him that one day he’ll have to choose between his dad or being a father.

I honestly don’t see Jamie ever choosing anyone over his family/dad. Kayce didn’t, and Jamie won’t either.

But a lot of fans think Christina is making the whole thing up. That hadn’t occurred to me but it’s certainly a possibility.

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After the commercial break, we’re back to viewers’ favorite character, Monica. :)

She’s shopping and I kind of wish I could shop there too. It looks fun.

But the store is going to pull that “I don’t think you belong here” thing that is always a bad idea. They’re calling the police because “this isn’t my first rodeo with you people.” They’re assuming she shoplifted. Looks like this is a viral video moment, if only Monica were recording her.

Back at Beth’s office, she is not looking good. But she’s a tough survivor. Monica called her and I am 100 percent here for a Beth-Monica moment and a Beth beatdown of these awful employees.

The police officer says there’s nothing in her purse, but the employee is convinced that Monica is hiding something on her premises. The police are going to search her and if she says no, they’ll arrest her for shoplifting.

The sad truth is that this actually happens today. :(

OH THE EMPLOYEE IS GOING TO FRAME MONICA. She dropped a ring on the ground and claims that Monica did it. Now the officer is going to make her undress completely to prove her innocence. This is completely ridiculous. A big lawsuit is coming from this, I guarantee.

And BETH IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so happy to see Beth.  She quotes the Fourth Amendment for unlawful search and seizure and takes pictures. Beth is staying strangely calm.

“While I’m here, I might as well shop.”

OH NEVER MIND ABOUT BETH BEING CALM. Haha. She’s breaking everything and the shop deserves it 100 percent.

Oh my gosh, now Beth is going to make the store owner undress in front of her. Payback for sure. I’m not sure I believe the idea that the store owner would do it, but she is. And judging by viewers’ reactions on Twitter, they are on board with Beth’s justice.

Monica tells Beth to stop. “Doing it to her doesn’t undo what she did to me. … You judged my skin, just say it.”

“I judged your skin,” the woman admits “I’m sorry.”

I personally think a lawsuit and making this public so they lose a lot of business might be better… But viewers loved this scene. So now it’s a question: do you call Rip or Beth when you’re in trouble?

After the commercial break, Beth tells Monica that the woman saw Monica as younger, prettier, and better and hated her for it. “She wanted to hurt you for it, but she’s the one hurting now. You’ll forget about her in a few weeks, but she’ll never forget you…”

Beth tells Monica that her mom was the spine of the family. “She was the center. Without her, he’s … well the best of him died with her. The same thing will happen to Kayce when you leave him again, and you will leave him again. You’re too good for this place…for this family. But next time you leave, you take Kayce with you… He’s too good for it as well.”

Dang. That was a speech I did NOT expect from Beth. I’m shocked. And it was also a great character study, looking into the difference between Beth and Monica.

Back at the Dutton Ranch, Jenkins is visiting.

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“I’m not a rich man, contrary to popular belief,” John says when Jenkins suggests he buy his way out of this situation. (And I’m surprised by this.)

They walk away admitting they’re still enemies.

After the next commercial break, Monica is back home with Kayce at the Ranch. Kayce jokes about how Tate gets more affection than he did his entire childhood, and Monica says that’s actually not funny and something he should think seriously about.

Kayce is about to leave for a late-night job. Monica says that he can’t afford to stay on this ranch because of what it’s doing to his heart. Kayce promises they’ll talk about it soon. Monica’s feeling emboldened after her talk with Beth, and who can really blame her?

At the bunkhouse, it’s Jimmy revenge time and Ryan wants to be part of it because he’s already in so deep.

Cowboy is out of here. He says the key to surviving is knowing when to quit. Jamie’s just sitting there quietly. “Oh don’t mind me, the Dutton right here in the room.”

Tate goes out to feed his horse because John reminds him that it’s not fair for him to get dessert before his horse gets his dinner. But I am scared about this scene. :(

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Tate’s all alone and he gives Lucky his hay. “Good night buddy,” the boy says innocently. I want to cry, I’m so worried about little Tate. ;9

He forgets to lock the gate. THIS IS NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING. Now I’m worried about Lucky. :(

Tate turns around, scared. Something spooked him and…

And the scene cuts to Jimmy’s Revenge.

I’m having a tough time concentrating on this scene, even though I typically like Jimmy scenes, because I’m worried about Tate. :(

Jimmy wakes Ray up with strong kicks to his face. “You don’t get to sleep through this.” Looks like they’re going to blow up Ray’s home.

Annnnd he’s gone.

That was a HUGE explosion. I remember this from the Season 2 trailer.

Jimmy got the belt buckle back. Good for him!

And back at the Dutton Ranch, I’m still worried about Tate. It’s quiet and John is noticing that Tate is still gone. He’s not back for his ice cream. (I wish I had some ice cream right now.)

John notices Lucky out of his gate, just hanging out, and he knows something is wrong.

He brings Lucky back, quietly surveying his surroundings. He goes back to the stalls, but Tate isn’t there either. Panic is setting in.

John knocks on Monica’s door, checking to see if Tate was there. But Tate isn’t there either. And now things are getting bad.

Kayce gets home and learns the awful news. Everyone’s searching for Tate in the dark. This is NOT good.

And Kayce is MAD that John let Tate feed the horse alone. But John said there were supposed to be wranglers around and that’s Kayce’s responsibility. Monica isn’t having any of this bickering.

Morning comes and Tate is still missing. :(

There are tracks on the property.

They don’t belong to anyone on the Dutton Ranch.

Kayce takes off running. Everyone is running, searching…

This is awful.

Kayce is crying.

He turns around.

Tate’s boot.

He found Tate’s empty boot, but nothing else. Monica screams.

Tate isn’t dead. But he’s been taken.

And now I have to catch my breath. That was a crazy ending. But knowing the Duttons, they will get Tate back and they won’t take any prisoners.

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