Ally Brooke’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Premiere Performance

Ally Brooke Attends the Dancing With The Stars Cast Reveal

Getty Ally Brooke Attends the Dancing With The Stars Cast Reveal in New York City.

Ally Brooke comes from group Fifth Harmony, but now she is on her own and ready for the ballroom. In the video, she reveals being a big fan and gets ready to meet her partner Sasha Farber. He says he feels like he won the jackpot and they’re ready to get going.

For their dance, Ally emerges from pink lasers to show off a fast, well-paced cha-cha. Both Sasha and Ally take advantage of the entire dancefloor to get in their moves. At the judge’s table, Len is ready to talk about too much thrusting and gyrating. In what he called “Beyonce stuff.” Bruno loved her sense of attack but went too fast in anticipation of the beat. Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno that there had to be tone. She sees a lot of potential in this pairing.

Carrie Ann:5
Total Score:16

Fan Reaction:

It was no surprise that fans of the performer showed up to give her support during the performance. their biggest qualms were with the judges scoring for the night. In fact, the studio audience appears to have shown their distaste for it as well.

On the same day as her performance, the singer also debuted a new music video. The song, Higher, is a dance mix that seems perfect for the show. When asked about the dance she would pair with this song Ally had some definite ideas. “Ooh, maybe a freestyle because, again, the song is so free-spirited. I think that could be really great. Or maybe like a rumba — that could be really fun and flavorful. One of those would be really cool and I’d love to see how my partner would come up with the choreography for it. Hopefully, I can dance with the song or even the dancers could do that. That would be so awesome,” the singer said.