Who Gets Eliminated on BIP This Week? 9/9/2019

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Time

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Bachelor In Paradise continues tonight on ABC. The series follows the cast members of previous Bachelor seasons as they search for a romantic connection with one another. Given the competitive streak and endless dramas of the Bachelor In Paradise cast, it’s unclear as to which contestants will be sent home this week.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode reads, “John Paul Jones makes special arrangements for prom; Matt feels torn between Sydney and Bri; Demi works to get past her insecurities.” The episode will also focus on Demi’s relationship with Kristian, and how the latter is getting flirty with some of the other female contestants.

Beware of spoilers below and STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens and who gets eliminated on season 6 episode 11 of Bachelor In Paradise.

Reality Steve touted tonight’s episode as one of the most dramatic of the whole season. “There’s A LOT that goes down this episode because it’s the last rose ceremony before the remaining couples have to decide whether to split or stay together and take the overnight date,” he explained. “So a lot of people eventually get weeded out/sent home. I think I have everyone accounted for, but here’s what I know goes down this episode.”

The contestants who gets sent home during episode 11 are Sydney Lotuaco, Luke Stone and Haley Ferguson. Sydney gets caught in a messy drama with Matt Donald and Bri Barnes, and Matt ultimately decides to give his rose over to the latter. Reality Steve reports that it’s unclear whether Sydney was eliminated during the rose ceremony or she walked off the show beforehand. “There’s a love triangle going on between Old Matt Donald, Bri, and Sydney,” he writes. I don’t know if Sydney made it to the rose ceremony portion and didn’t get a rose, or she left before it.”

3 Contestants Will Be Eliminated Tonight Including Luke Stone & Sydney Lotuaco

Luke Stone recently joined the Bachelor In Paradise cast, after competing on the previous season of The Bachelorette. Despite making a good impression with fans, he ran into some trouble with the rest of the cast. Reality Steve reports that Luke tries to give his rose away during the ceremony, but that none of the female contestants were interested in accepting it. As a result, Luke was “forced to leave” the show.

Luke’s elimination indirectly ties into Haley Ferguson leaving the show. Reality Steve admits to not knowing whether Haley walked off the show or was eliminated during the rose ceremony, but hints that Luke’s insistence on promoting his tequila had something to do with it. “Either Haley left before this rose ceremony, or refused to take Luke’s rose because she was sick of him talking about his tequila business,” he wrote. “That became a thing.” Regardless of what happened, it’s confirmed that Haley won’t be coming back.

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