What Happens on Bachelor In Paradise This Week – 9/9/2019 Finale Recap

Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale

ABC BACHELOR IN PARADISE - Breakout fan favorites from "The Bachelor" franchise are back and ready for a second (or third or fourth) chance at finding love, as the hit series "Bachelor in Paradise" returns for Season 6.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” season 6 finale is almost here, with ABC airing new episodes on Monday, September 9 and Tuesday, September 10 as the dramatic end unfolds.

Episodes 11 and 12 will set up the season’s eventful and tumultuous conclusion. The official synopsis for the September 9 episode reads “John Paul Jones makes special arrangements for prom; Matt feels torn between Sydney and Bri; Demi works to get past her insecurities.” The Tuesday, September 10 episode description teases “Connor decides to leave when Whitney seems not to be coming; Bri and Sydney vie for Matt’s heart; Luke must decide between four women.”

Here’s what happened during season 6, episode 11 of Bachelor in Paradise:


Monday night’s episode picked up where the previous episode left off, revealing Caelynn’s what happened after Dean showed up in Paradise and asked for her to leave with him. Before making her decision, Caelynn pulled Connor aside to talk to him. Connor told her he didn’t want her to leave and could see a future with her, and also said that Dean has done nothing to prove that he won’t just hurt her again when things get difficult.

While Caelynn continued to struggle to make up her mind, Kristina confronted Dean about leaving Caelynn and then coming back to her once she’s started to move on. Dean told Caelynn that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen next but that he wants to try a relationship with Caelynn, and she agreed to leave Paradise and be with him, ending things with Connor in the process.

After Caelynn and Dean left to continue their relationship off-camera, the other couples started thinking about the potential for their relationships to last beyond the show. Katie, in particular, expressed her doubts about Chris. Right on time, Chris was given a date card and asked Katie to take the date with him.

Meanwhile, Blake found Connor crying on his own over Caelynn’s departure.

On their date, Katie and Chris talked about where their relationship is going as well as their hesitations about their potential future. He told her he is 100% committed to her, and though it’s hard for him to get to the place where he knows “this is it,” he is starting to feel that with their relationship. Newly confident in their future, the couple were greeted by a wedding parade of music and dancing.

The next day, Chase used a pineapple to give Matt Donald kissing lessons to help him with his love triangle between Bri and Sydney.

Revian arrived at the beach with a date card, and pulled aside Matt to talk to him first. After realizing that many of the men in Paradise were already pursuing other relationships, Revian asked Connor to go on the date with her, and he accepted.

Demi and Kristian showed their first signs of trouble as Demi expressed in an on-camera interview that she was unhappy that Kristian seemed to be flirting with other women and struggling with her personal battle about being scared to be gay around other people. Nevertheless, Demi got a date card and asked Kristian to go on the date with her. On the date, they participated in a spiritual ceremony that was meant to get rid of any negative energy and return to positive thoughts.

Kristian sensed that Demi was upset about something, and confronted her during the date. Demi explained that she didn’t like seeing Kristian get touchy with other people, and Kristian tried to assure her that it was just friendly and not flirty. Demi opened up about needing to work towards physical touch in public and fearing that she’s not going to be enough for Kristian. Kristian said she would work at her pace and that Demi would not lose her.

John Paul Jones, after telling the camera in a confidential that Tayshia is his “dream girl,” pulled Tayshia aside for a surprise evening. He asked her to “the Paradise Prom,” and the two got dressed up in formal attire for their date. The two drank champagne and exchanged Prom King and Queen crowns, before inviting the other couples to dance with them on “prom night.”

Inspired by JPJ’s thoughtful gesture, Blake said that he realized that he wants Kristina to be the mother of his children and knows he wants to be with her. He gave Kristina a date card that he wrote himself and invited her to have some one-on-one time together so he could confess his feelings.

Much to his surprise, Kristina told Blake that she won’t be able to get to where she needs to be in her feelings for him before the end of Paradise. She added that she thought that they were choosing each other because they were safe and not because they should really be together, before ending things with him “for now” and leaving paradise. Blake decided that he was going to leave the beach and go home, too.

‘BIP’ Season 6 Finale Spoilers

Before season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise even began on ABC, Reality Steve released a host of spoilers for the season, including how Paradise would end for each of the couples during the finale. Before the finale airs, here’s what we know:

BEWARE OF SPOILERS: This is your last warning to STOP READING NOW if you do not want to know how season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise ends.

In spite of their adorable prom date, Tayshia decided to end things with John Paul Jones and left Paradise alone; Bri and Matt and Chase and Angela also broke up without taking an overnight date. Nicole ultimately broke up with Clay after taking an overnight date because he wouldn’t tell her he loves her or propose.

In the end, Reality Steve reported that 3 couples got engaged in Paradise: Demi and Kristian, Dylan and Hannah, and Chris and Katie.

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