WATCH: Blink 182 Gifts Lil Wayne a Blunt on Stage for his Birthday

Blink 182 Lil wayne blunt

Lil Wayne AKA Dwayne Carter turns 37 this Friday and his friends/tour mates Blink 182 wanted to give him an early present.

Lil Wayne has been touring with the band as a special guest for weeks, and their show at the Barclays Center on September 20 was their final night together. The pop-punk bandmates seized their opportunity to thank Wayne and celebrate his birthday.

The unexpected, heartfelt moment was captured by Instagram user @Lisa_182 captured the video and posted it on Instagram where it soon spread to Reddit and went viral. As Lil Wayne takes a break between songs, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Matt Skiba run onstage while the rapper looks at them confused.

Lead singer Mark Hoppus presents a blunt to Lil Wayne on a tray like it’s a holy artifact as the two other bandmates look on. Wayne is genuinely surprised and lets out an exasperated “What the f***!” as he plucks the marijuana filled cigar off the tray. “Ima take this.” He says into the microphone before having a conversation with drummer Travis Barker off-mic.

“Get a lighter for me.” Wayne asks of his stagehands as he holds out the cigar. He then says “Ladies and gentleman Blink 182!” which receives loud applause from the crowd. The rapper then lights the cigar before saying “Thank you guys, thank you. My f****** brothers for life man.”

Lil Wayne almost quit the tour in July at a show in Bristow, Virginia. He told the crowd at the time “I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to do this tour.”

“Please forgive me,” he added. “But I am so not used to performing to a crowd and there’s not too many… that’s not my swag.”

Luckily, the rapper persevered so we could witness a moment like this.

Blink 182 Soldiers on While Lil Wayne Cancels Appearance

Blink-182 has finished this current leg of their tour and they’re set to play one last show at California’s Aftershock Festival next month.

They probably won’t be off the road for long as their new album NINE was released on September 20 and it’s all but guaranteed that they’ll be embarking on a tour to promote it.

Lil Wayne was set to headline this years Life Is Beautiful festival September 20-22 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He angered thousands of fans when he canceled the performance just 10 minutes before he was scheduled to appear. The DJ appeared to introduce the rapper before a message appeared on the side of the stage that read “unfortunately, Lil Wayne will be unable to perform tonight, sorry for the inconvenience.”

Fans’ excitement turned to anger as the news sunk in.

Many fans took to Twitter and asked for refunds since they had attended the festival specifically for Lil Wayne.

This was the 4th show that Lil Wayne has missed recently. He also missed a few dates while he was touring with Blink 182.

It was rumored that the festival organizers tried to get Lil Wayne to take the gunshot sound effects out of his show due to the tragedy that occurred at Route 91 Harvest music festival that left 58 people dead. The rapper refused which may have led to him not appearing.

However, these are rumors and have not been confirmed by Lil Wayne or the festival.

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