Joe Giudice: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Paul Zimmerman/Getty Teresa Giudice, star of The Real Houswives of New Jersey, and Joe Giudice appear at Mount Airy Resort Casino for a book signing and meet and greet on March 5, 2016 in Mount Pocono City.

Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice is a reality TV star and the ex-husband of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice. He’s originally from Saronno, Italy and came to American when his parents Frank and Filomena moved to Patterson, NJ in 1973.

Joe and Teresa Giudice were indicted, tried and convicted of wire fraud, mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and tax evasion that netted them nearly $5 million over a 10 year period. The judge sentenced Teresa to 15 months in prison and Joe to 41 months in prison and ordered them to pay $414,000 in restitution.

They were allowed to serve their sentences separately so they could take turns looking after their 4 children. Teresa served her time and was released in December 2015. Joe followed and completed his 41-month prison in March 2019.

In October 2018, an immigration court ruled to deport Joe to Italy after his prison sentence since he is technically an immigrant and was convicted of an aggravated felony. Giudice appealed the ruling to avoid deportation and was in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after he was released from prison. Giudice was deported in 2019 after his appeal was denied.

“What is happening to Joe Giudice and to his family and thousands of other families regarding these draconian immigration laws is nothing short of inhumane,” the Giudices’ lawyer told the Daily News prior to his deportation.

Teresa Giudice and his four daughters created a petition to “STOP the Deportation of Joe Giudice” on to try and keep him in the country.

“We request that our President, Donald J. Trump, review our petition and pardon my father to relieve him of this life sentence the courts are bestowing on him.” his daughters wrote in the petition, “Yes, in Italy he will no longer be incarcerated, but will he ever be free if kept from his family and be able to be a productive member of society?”

Joe had been married to Teresa since 2001 and they have four daughters, Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana. He has starred in the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” since 2009. Teresa also appeared in “The Celebrity Apprentice” and has gone on to write several successful books that have all been on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Joe Giudice Lost 60 Pounds in Prison

teresa giudice joe giudice

Kena Betancur/GettyTeresa Giudice and her then-husband Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice leave Newark federal court on November 20, 2013 in Newark, New Jersey.

During his 41 months in prison, Giudice went from 245 pounds to 185 pounds due to constant working out and avoiding the “inedible” prison food.

“I saw him last Saturday. He was 245 when he went in, and now he weighs 185,” Teresa Giudice told US Weekly back in February 2018, “He looks so hot and I just can’t wait for him to come home. I’m really ready for him to come home.”

Radar Online had a source in the prison who told them “Joe works out up to five days a week, and has lost a lot of weight as a result,” and that, “He even worked in the gym for a time.”

The source also said ““The food’s inedible, but he eats it because he’s got to keep up his strength.”

2. He Was Accused of Cheating on His Wife

joe giudice

Mike Coppola/GettyGiuseppe “Joe” Giudice (L) and wife Teresa Giudice leave court after facing charges of defrauding lenders, illegally obtaining mortgages and other loans as well as allegedly hiding assets and income during a bankruptcy case on August 14, 2013 in Newark, United States.

In 2015, Joe Giudice was accused of cheating on Teresa with a woman named Jamie Jackson.

Jackson is a 30-year-old party girl, model and dancer at Boogie Nights, an Atlantic City nightclub who met Joe via a mutual friend over lunch. Radar Online reported that a source told them Joe “really, really liked her.”

Then, in March 2015, a source told Radar Online that they had spotted Giudice and Jackson during a dinner at Carmine’s at the Tropicana Hotel “full-on making out in front of their group.” A separate witness added that “They were chugging margaritas and seemed drunk out of their minds.”

The source added that the two went to the private suite of the restaurant where “things got crazy” and ““20 minutes later, Jamie came out of their bedroom buttoning her blouse and crying hysterically,”

Joe and Teresa have denied the cheating allegations multiple times.

3. He Used his Brothers Marriage and Birth Certificates to Illegally Obtain a Driver’s License

Teresa And Joe Giudice Court Appearance

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

While he was being indicted for Federal tax evasion and fraud charges, Joe Giudice stood trial for another unrelated crime. On November 19, 2013, Giudice stood trial for allegedly using his brother’s marriage and birth certificates to obtain a driver’s license.

Joe’s license had been suspended following a DUI in January of 2010. Passaic County Judge Adam E. Jacobs called Joe’s driving record “truly mind-boggling” as his license had been suspended 39 times.

“If you so much as back down your driveway… that will constitute a violation of the conditions of your release, of your bail, and it will result in you being remanded immediately to Passaic County Jail,” Jacobs said at the sentencing.

Joe plead guilty and was barred from driving for 2 years and fined $10,000 for his actions. He was also sentenced to 18-months in prison but allowed to serve it concurrently with his 41-month prison sentence for fraud and tax evasion.

4. When He Arrived at Prison to Start His Sentence for Fraud He was ‘Completely Wasted’

Teresa And Joe Giudice Court Appearance

Kena Betancur/Getty ImagesNEWARK, NJ – NOVEMBER 20: Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Giudice (R) and wife Teresa Giudice arrive to Newark federal court on November 20, 2013 in Newark, New Jersey. The two of the stars of the Bravo television show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” are appearing in court to face additional charges of bank fraud and loan application fraud in addition to original charges of defrauding lenders, illegally obtaining mortgages and other loans as well as allegedly hiding assets and income during a bankruptcy case. (Photo by

Joe Giudice has a long, documented history of sometimes drinking a bit too much. In her latest book, Standing Strong, the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa reveals how Joe showed up to Fort Dix correctional facility to start serving his 41-month sentence “completely wasted” and “a total mess.”

In her book, Teresa says Joe had been up late the night before drinking his homemade red wine with family and friends. According to Teresa, when he awoke, Joe Giudice’s brother, cousins, and uncles returned to Teresa and Joe’s home and “drank three bottles of wine, a bottle of champagne, and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue in the morning before most people had their breakfast!”

He drunkenly stopped at Burger King for his last meal before arriving extremely intoxicated to Fort Dix at 2 PM. Since you are not allowed to check-in to prison while drunk, he was sent to the medical department for 5 hours before being allowed to check-in sober at 7 PM.

5. He has a Net Worth of -$11 Million

joe giudice

Steve Mack/GettyTeresa Guidice and Joe Guidice attend the release party for Melissa Gorga’s new single “On Display” at Hudson Terrace on August 12, 2011 in New York City.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joe Giudice is $11 million in debt.

Joe is an entrepreneur who at one point owned a construction company, laundromat business, and pizza restaurant. Unfortunately, Joe and Teresa spent well beyond their means, buying several real estate assets and eventually finding themselves in deep debt.

They filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and in their filing Joe “claimed to have negligible assets and more than $11 million worth of debt” according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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