Sean Spicer’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Premiere Performance

Sean Spicer attends casting with the stars cast reveal

Getty Sean Spicer arrives at Dancing with the Stars cast reveal.

Before his performance even started, there was a lot of talk about Spicer’s costume for the show. Bright green with bouncy sleeves, it’s hard to miss the former press secretary. Twitter users were quick to chime in with their thoughts.

Spicer stars out recapping his time in the White House. He echoes the fact that he feels like its time to show another side of himself. He is paired with Lindsay Arnold; the dancer is interested in forming her own opinion. He must have known what he was getting himself into. The New Yorker mentions a sequence that the producer asked to film for the show.

A producer wanted to shoot a reel of Spicer and his partner rehearsing, to use on the show. He filmed Spicer putting on his knee pads, which were dinged from days of practice.

They dance the salsa and Spicer starts out playing the bongos. With the Spice Girl’s Spice Up Your Life playing, the pair go to work. Streamers end the performance which everyone in attendance applauds. Bruno feels like Spicer attacked the bongos but paid attention to the rhythm and timing. Carrie Ann found herself happily surprised at this enthusiasm. Len admires his courage in coming to the ballroom and bringing fun to the event.

In the lounge, Erin speaks to Spicer’s commitment to the performance. He says that he started at minus 10 and her patience is paying off. Spicer seems thrilled with how the performance was received.

Carrie Ann: 4
Len: 4
Bruno: 4
Total Score: 12

Fan Reaction:

Reactions were mixed, no doubt in part because of his political past.