Team Gwen Stefani on The Voice Season 17 So Far 10/14/2019

Gwen Stefani judges on the voice

Trae Patton/NBC/2019 NBCUniversal Media, LLC Gwen Stefani leads another team on this season of The Voice.

Team Gwen is ready for the next rounds of The Voice. Before the team gets down to the business of dueling duets, it’s time to learn who will represent the singer on her quest to win the show. Get to know her choices for the best singers from this season’s blind auditions.

Brennan Henson

For Henson, the dream of becoming a singer has its roots in the Flint water crisis. Seeing the event and its effects on the community caused the singer to rethink his career goals. With some well-placed encouragement, he decided to move towards the music he loves.

Gwen was clearly excited to have him on her team. She tweeted to the young singer after the blinds. Henson was quick to answer her, saying he was in “disbelief” to be on her team.

Calvin Lockett

Lockett began his journey towards success in a local church. The son of pastors, his time in church encouraged a love of music that would continue into adulthood. He began writing songs in college.

Elise Azkoul

Azkoul started out her career with early work on a Christian radio program. While at Wharton college, she began to perform among Chicago’s thriving jazz community. The married singer lives in Atlanta and is pursuing projects in singing, songwriting, and acting fields.

Jake HaldenVang

The musician has a background in music that goes well beyond standard experiences. At a young age, he became a part of the Jake HaldenVang Band and toured the country. After going out on his own at age 16, the singer is actively pursuing his own path towards success.

James Violet

The musician sought to learn as many instruments as possible before graduating high school. Outside of music, he is in the process of learning business marketing. He also acts as a supervisor.

Violet is ready to get his supporters lined up for voting. Posting to social media, he highlighted an area business that is working to making him the winner. Other supporters and friends of Violet have made their own pictures with the now-famous sign.

Jessie Lawrence

Lawrence had a tough childhood that almost stole his love for all things music. Time in a performing arts high school gave him an outlet to deal with a life spent in the foster care system. While he had some success around the time, he ultimately faced homelessness before fighting to have his voice heard again.

Kiara Brown

From childhood, Brown knew she had a gift and wanted to share it with as many people as possible. She composed a song for the survivors of 2017’s Las Vegas mass shooting. It was a personal contribution that she chose to perform for survivors as well as families of those killed at various tributes.

Kyndal Inskeep

A sense of never quite fitting in followed Inskeep during her childhood. Discovering a love of music came with the simple gift of a guitar when she was just 8 years old.  She now works for a family as their nanny. It’s a job that gives her more flexibility to pursue her interests and grow a music career.

Myracle Holloway

Holloway owes her success to being discovered at a young age by Earth, Wind & Fire’s Phillip Bailey. Along the way, the singer was forced to face a trauma from her past. After using therapy and faith to find a path forward, she is now revisiting a music career that once seemed lost.

Rose Short

The singer has a deep background in choirs as well as theater. While the music was at the top of her loves, the real world came calling. It wasn’t long before she shelved the dreams of music for a full-time job in a maximum-security prison. No longer a part of the correctional system, she is striving to have a career in music that fulfills her goals.

Rose is keeping her emoji game strong on social media. As the battles approach, she’s already used them to answer the series’ tweet on upcoming episodes.

Royce Lovett

Lovett comes from a Christian based background that encouraged the arts as an expression of faith. A self-taught musician, he began playing shows in his teens. The father of two, he has pursued his musical dreams while balancing financial obligations.