Is Black Widow Raven Symone & Butterfly Michelle Williams on ‘The Masked Singer’?

The Masked Singer Season 2 Cast


The characters appearing on season 2 of The Masked Singer range from Ice Cream to a Fox, to a Thingamajig. But, two of the disguised celebrities we have our eyes on are the Butterfly and Black Widow Spider. And, we already have some major guesses for both of them. Read on below for our rundown on who we think the stars will be revealed to be …

Butterfly on “The Masked Singer” Clues and Guesses

Butterfly on The Masked Singer Clues and Guesses

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Our top guess for the Butterfly is former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams.

Like an actual butterfly, Butterfly said that for the past year, “I’ve been waiting in my cocoon.” She said she’s been waiting for a change, that she’s experienced success. She was then shown in a photoshoot. The city of London was shown as her possible home.

She went on to say, “I release my past and anyone who has clipped my wings.” She also said she’s there to take people to church. Then, a cross was shown in the background. Host Nick Cannon asked Butterfly why she’s the Butterfly and she said that she has “a lot of soul” in her wings.

According to Gold Derby, Williams has lived in London and has previously made Gospel records, so that would go right along with the “church” and London clues.

The Butterfly performed “Living on a Prayer” on episode 4 and her clues were that everyone used to “say her name” at the height of her career, but when she decided to spread her wings, it led to “breakups and break downs”. This would definitely back up the Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child guesses, especially since one of the group’s songs was “Say My Name”.

Robin Thicke guessed Leona Lewis, while Scherzinger guessed former model Twiggy.

The Butterfly said that when she was in school, she rebelled and got a Butterfly tattoo. Michelle Williams has a tattoo of a Butterfly on her hip so …

Black Widow on “The Masked Singer” Clues and Guesses

Black Widow Spider The Masked Singer


When it comes to the Black Widow Spider, we think the singer sounds just like Raven Symone.

In her clues, she said “I’ve been packaged my whole life,” and talked about her “empire”. She also said, “You’ll find I’m a little edgier, darker, and more alien than you know me to be.” Raven Symone was a member of the Disney family, so this could explain a couple of her clues, being in the public eye for years. According to Cosmopolitan, Raven Symone is one of the top guesses and so is Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss, along with former Glee star Amber Riley.

On episode 4, Black Widow said that ever since she was little, she had to “embody a squeaky clean image”. She said that no matter what she’s tried, she couldn’t fit in. She also talked about her curvy shape. This backs up our Raven Symone guess again.

With some of her clues, it definitely sounds like Black Widow is a former child star, as is Symone.